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There are dozens of safety devices available for motor vehicles, but one of the newest and coolest is the wireless backup camera. In time, it seems that each of these safety devices will become standard, but many of them are relegated to pricey vehicles in the early stages of development. If you want to drive the safest vehicle possible, it seems that most of your safety purchases will have be made later in the car’s life. One of the more popular devices available today is the backup camera, a simple device that solves a number of classic vehicle problems.

Best Backup Cameras:

Iball Wireless Camera

Peak Backup Camera

Boyo Wired Camera

Bluetooth Camera

If you want to purchase one of these devices, you should take a bit of time to learn about the importance of the device, how it works, and how it can be installed safely and easily into your car. Your safety, and that of others, may depend on this knowledge.  If you already know why you want a wireless backup camera, then I’d suggest you take a look at our list of articles on the specific types of backup cameras.  You can find these to this listed on the left or at the top.

What Is a Wireless Backup Camera?

wireless backup cameraIn-car rear-view cameras are rather unique devices, though most their functions have been possible for years. The camera portion of the product is either seated in the rear of the car or underneath the rear bumper (usually by the license plate), and the camera transmits its feed wirelessly to a monitor on the car’s dash. Some cameras even used bluetooth technology. In doing so, the device allows the driver of the vehicle a limited view of the area behind his or her car. Most models are designed to let the driver see behind his or her car if the rear window is blocked, though some can even be used while on the road to allow for safer observation of traffic behind the driver.

A Safety Concern

The primary reason to purchase one of these cameras is for safety. The device itself is soon to become standard in all consumer vehicles, as studies have shown that the inclusion of the backup camera can help to reduce the overall number of accidents caused by drivers. These accidents can only be stopped if drivers actually pay attention to their monitors, of course, but both individuals and property can be saved from injury caused by drivers that cannot see behind their cars. If you want your car to have every safety feature possible, it is wise to consider the purchase of such a camera.

The Features of a Wireless Backup Camera

As one might expect, the primary feature of a rearview camera rests in the ability to see behind the vehicle as one backs up. These cameras have a relatively short range, but they are wonderful at letting users make sure that they do not back into anything important. Therewireless backup camera reviews are dozens of models on the market, many of which have other features included in the monitor dash. Some monitors can also be linked with a GPS, and automatically change from GPS to backup view when in reverse. This  allows for a complete control center to be installed for the driver of the car’s needs.

The Purchase and Installation

A wireless backup camera can be bought from most stores that sell aftermarket car accessories. The prices vary quite a bit from model to model and region to region, though most of these cameras are relatively affordable.  Systems with smaller monitors can be found for $50 US, but other more quality models can be over $150. If you buy a system online, make sure you don’t just buy a camera, but the full system. There are tons of cheap eBay auctions for simply a cheap camera, and nothing else. There are a number of different installation options, with some cameras requiring the camera itself be mounted inside the car with a receiver atop the dash and others will require the receiver actually being installed into the dash and the camera placed unobtrusively outside. The cost for installation varies from store to store, but you can expect to pay at least $50 or more.  You can expect many stores will provide a discount on installation or even free installation if the camera is purchased on-site.

Aftermarket versus Pre-Installed?

As with many pieces of in-car technology, there are those that sometimes fear having any kind of aftermarket technology added to their car. Unlike some other additions, though, wireless backup cameras can be added seamlessly to a vehicle without causing any kind of external damage. The aftermarket cost of these items is actually quite a bit lower than the cost charged by most car companies. Although installation costs can be pricey, most of the cameras that can be bought are actually of a higher quality than those included during factory construction.

The wireless backup camera is a great safety device, and one that will soon be standard on all vehicles. If you are not willing to buy a new vehicle just for a safety device, you may want to consider purchasing one of these pieces to be installed in your car. The installation can be done quickly and easily, and the wireless nature of the device means that there will be little effect on your car. Be sure to checkout our sites other articles listed on the left and top of the page.  And remember safety features, such as a wireless backup camera, are rather inexpensive, but their usefulness can be incredibly valuable.

Author: Murray Fisher


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