The Top wired or wireless backup camera for RV Traveling?

If you are looking for the best wired or wireless backup camera for RV traveling, then you have come to the right place.  RearView Safety is a leading company in backup cameras, and they have produced a two camera wired rear vision camera, which is a top product.  We recommend this wired product for Rv’s, but if you really need a wireless unit then check out the versatile Swift Hitch SH01.  The Swift Hitch is nice, but this RearView Safety product does have two cameras which create a superior safety experience that every RV driver should at least consider…

Wired or wireless backup camera for RV?

wireless backup camera for RV
One customer actually gives this product and the company RearView Safety a massive ten stars out of five. That’s right…ten stars out of five. That is the best review I have ever seen on Why such a great review? The product is durable and the customer service was fantastic. I wouldn’t blame you if you are thinking this can’t be true, so here is the link to prove it! While you are there look at what other folks have said about the camera.

RV backup camera Pro’s

Durable: By all reports this RV backup camera traveling is a top quality and durable product.  It is what you would expect for the price that comes with the unit. The cameras are heavy and can stand up to the elements, and the monitor comes with a bracket which is easy to install and can be installed in a variety of locations.

Two camera system: The big advantage with two cameras is you can have one high and one low on your RV. This especially comes in handy if you have a trailer you will be towing.

Fast shipping: Only good things have been said about the shipping of this camera. Lighting fast is one word that was used, and another customer comments on how it shipped the same day he ordered.

Great customer service: RearView Safety’s customer service is the best in the business. There have been reports of customers emailing, and being called back. Also the customer service folks can help you step by step through the installation over the phone. This is something lower backup camera campanies wouldn’t dream of. In fact most other backup cameras don’t even come with a decent set of instructions.

Cons of this Backup Camera for RV:

Price: Unfortunately a two camera unit, with all of the aforementioned benefits, is going to cost you around $300, but if you are driving around an RV, chances are, that this could fit into your budget.  Keep in mind the investment is an investment in protecting your vehicle and your family.

Not perfect: There have been reports of faulty products, which needed some extra work to get up and running, but this is pretty standard for automotive electronics.  Some, are simply going to have the odd problem.  The vast majority of customers have received a well working product.

Installation: Because this is a wired backup camera for Rv traveling you are going to need to run a lot of wiring.  If you really prefer the wireless option then you should checkout the shift trailer hitch rear view camera.

Summary: If you must have a wireless backup camera for RV travels then perhaps you should checkout the Iball wireless backup camera, or the Swift Hitch SH01.  But If you can budget the cost, and handle the leg work of the installation, then RearView Safety’s RV backup camera is for you.  Find it for an affordable price here…

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