The Best Wired Backup Camera System at an Affordable Price

Welcome the Backup Camera HQ, this page has been constructed to help you discover the perfect wired backup camera for your needs.  A wired backup camera is the best thing since concave mirrors for reducing blind spots while driving. A few years ago, an exterior camera mounted on the back of your vehicle seemed like science fiction. Nowadays, this safety feature comes standard in many new cars. For anyone who isn’t planning to buy a new car this year, a wired backup camera plus a monitor and accessories can be bought and easily installed on your current vehicle.  We have selected some great choices below:Wired backup Camera

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Audiovox Wired Backup Camera

Why would you want a wired Backup Camera?

These are the cameras for you, if you are looking for a product with the following criteria:

  • Affordability: each of these cameras is under seventy five dollars, and can be easily purchased from our associate  In fact the Koolertron can be purchased for under twenty dollars, or even less!
  • Monitor already bought: many folks already have a DVD player display hooked up on their vehicle, so buying a full backup camera system would not work for them, because they would be paying for a monitor they do not need.  Most of these monitors allow you to hook up a wired rear vision camera, so you have your rear view camera displayed on a high quality screen.
  • Standard Installation: These cameras are all wired meaning there is a bit more to the installation of them, but because they have been of the market for some time, you should be able to find helpful youtube video tutorials.  Some of our reviews actually include these when possible.  Because wired backup cameras are a little extra work, you will be saving money on the purchase.
  • No wireless problems: Another benefit of purchasing a wired rear view camera is you will not need to deal with the interference which comes with a wireless product.  Bluetooth and other wireless devices can make your wireless rear view camera useless thanks to interference.

Wired Backup Camera Product Overview:

The Audiovox ACA200W: A one hundred and thirty degree view, important installation accessories, and affordability are all the strengths of the audiovox.  Unfortunately, the Audiovox product has difficulty dealing with moisture.  Rusting and lack of waterproofing are both major complaints from customers.  We suggest the Boyo VTL422 as an alternative, but read our full review here.

The Boyo VTL422: The two stand out positives regarding the Boyo are its high class waterproofing and affordability.  It also comes with a nice zince metal finish, a wide angle view, and much more.  The Boyo wired backup camera is one of our top picks for backup cameras, so don’t miss out on reading our full review here.

The Koolertron: The major advantage to the Koolertron is it is as cheap as chips.  Coming it at under fifteen dollars this backup camera, has tons of great reviews around the web.  Unfortunately, there are also a lot of reviews which suggest the water resistance is not the greatest, but if you read our review we will give you a tip on how to overcome this problem.You should not count on this camera to last a long period of time, but it will allow you to see if you have the know how to install a backup camera, and it will let you see just how much you enjoy having a backup camera before you invest a decent amount in a high quality backup camera.

Our pick? – The Boyo backup camera is by far the top pick out of these three wired backup camera.  It is much higher quality, and worth the investment!

NO Monitor?

These wired rear view cameras are not a full backup camera system and therefore they do not have a included monitor.  The TFT Car LCD monitor by Kingway will do the job if you do not already have a DVD player monitor.

3.5 Inch TFT LCD Monitor for Car / Automobilewired backup camera

What To Look For in a Wired Rear View Camera

Most backup cameras are wired directly into the brake light system so that they are automatically switched on whenever you shift into reverse. This means that the camera goes active the moment you need it. It is important to shop for a system that wires directly into your car’s electrical system, because this will allow you to use the camera every time you back up until it is second nature. Whichever product you choose, here are the important things to look for:

  • a clear picture
  • night vision capability
  • a wide-angle camera
  • durable and waterproof construction

Because these systems are so reasonably priced, it makes sense to pay a few dollars extra to get the best. Avoid cheap equipment that mimics professional quality but doesn’t deliver. With low prices on high quality gear, there is no need to settle. Installing a backup camera is a small one-time expense that can help you avoid damage to your vehicle, property damage, or something worse. Even avoiding just one ding in your fender will allow this camera system to pay for itself. Just having the system active will let you relax and skip those tense moments when you know you a

Backing up without fully understanding what is behind you is a uniquely tense experience. You know you aren’t fully in control, and you grit your teeth waiting for the sound of grinding metal. You should be more careful, but what can you do? There is no one around to help and you have to get home. A backup camera is the perfect one-time solution.

Be sure to check out our sites other articles on finding the wired backup camera for you.  They are listed on the left and top of the page. Cars are inherently dangerous, and backing up without clear visibility is asking for trouble. Anyone with a trailer should really have a rear view camera installed at all times. Even regular car drivers who live near children or animals will enjoy greater peace of mind thanks to one of these simple devices. Shop around to find the system that best suits your needs, but don’t wait. Increase your safety on the road with a backup camera today.

Author: Murray Fisher

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