VR3 Backup Camera Review – A Top Wireless Rear View Camera?

Today we take a look at the VR3 backup camera from Virtual Reality Video Labs product number VRBCS300W.  But is this wireless rear view camera top of the line, or just another unsupported mass produced camera?  You will need to read on, to get all the details…

Reality Check – Quick Review

The good: The VR3 is a wireless rear view camera which is an affordable way to increase your families safety on the road.
The bad: The screen is small, bluetooth devices can interfere with the transmission of the cameras wireless signal, and the fish-eye lens makes other vehicles seem closer than they are.
The bottom line: The VR3 VRBCS300W wireless rear view cameraVR3 Backup Camera has a decent price, and similar installation to other wireless cameras on the market, but simply is not a high end wireless backup camera capable of getting you into those tight parking spots.  We suggest the Peak backup camera, see the full review here.

Predictable Pros:

VR3 Backup Camera
VR3 backup cameraInstallation: Because it is wireless the VR3 backup camera isn’t the most difficult camera to install, but you’ll still need some basic electrical wiring skills.  Connecting the camera to your vehicle’s backup light circuit is pretty basic though, and there are many youtube videos online which help you through the process.  TIPs: Always make sure you test the camera before hooking it up, and be sure to check that you have a license plate light hole, otherwise you’ll need to drill a hole during installation.

Monitor Display: Standard little wireless rear view camera display with adjustments for brightness, contrast, and settings for day and night viewing. Overall you get a nice broad viewing angle.

Affordable: The reason you are most likely looking at the VR3 backup camera is because it is such an affordable backup camera system. If you are looking for cheaper, your only other route would be going with the Koolertron wired backup camera, and also at a comparable price is the peak backup camera. There is good chance you can save around fifty dollars off the regular price if you buy online with Amazon, which makes this an even more affordable option.

Pro Summary: Affordability is the major reason you are going to by the VR3 backup camera.  Increasing your car and families safety is well worth the seventy to ninety dollars you will pay on Amazon.com.

VR3 Backup Camera

The VR3 Backup Camera is for you if?

  • You need a backup camera, but have a limited budget
  • You do not already have a dash display and so need a monitor with your camera
  • Do not want to run a wire from the back of your car to the dash, but do have enough know how to attach the cameras wiring to your vehicle’s backup light.
  • If you are not really sure how much you need a backup camera, and so don’t want to invest too much cash initially.

Cons of another wireless rear view camera

Camera View: To keep this camera affordable the folks at Virtual Reality Video Labs had to use a cheaper camera, so unfortunately objects will tend to seem closer than they actually are in the display, and the you get a fish eyed view from the camera.  It seems like you are looking out of a bubble, so everything is a bit rounded.  This means you can see if something or someone is behind your car, but you are not going to have a crystal clear picture for parking or hitching a trailer.

Bluetooth Problem: The other serious deal breaker is that bluetooth devices can interfere with the transmission of the cameras wireless signal.  This means if your car uses Bluetooth to communicate to your cell phone, or you use a bluetooth headset they have the potential to make your backup camera worthless.  Just make sure that you can turn off bluetooth devices, and then this should not really be a problem.

Other Wireless Problems: Any wireless backup camera has the potential to randomly turned on when driving by other vehicles with the same camera, or even buildings using the bluetooth 2.4 Ghz signal.  This will freak you out the first time, but should not be a major distraction once it has happened a couple times.  If you need total concentration when driving then this camera is not for you.

Monitor Problems: The monitor that come with the VR3 backup camera system is similar to the camera, it is not a top of the line product.  Make sure it is secure on your dash otherwise a small fall has the potential to break this fragile piece of equipment.  Additionally the monitor is small at only 2.5 inches, so it takes some getting use to, but can get the job done.


The VR3 VRBCS300W wireless rear view camera is sold at an affordable price, and so you should expect it to be less than the highest quality.  and similar installation to other wireless cameras on the market, but simply is not a high end wireless backup camera capable of getting you into those tight parking spots. You can pick it up on Amazon here!VR3 Backup Camera

Author: Morris Fisher


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