Truck Backup Camera Wireless – The Best Option For Trailer Hitch?

 Are you looking for a truck backup camera that is not only wireless, but also great at helping you hitch your trailer?  Backup Camera HQ presents another in-depth backup camera review of the Iball Wireless Trailer Hitch Camera. Read on to find out how this trailer hitch camera is the easiest backup camera to install on the market, and the one limiting problem you need to know about before purchasing…

The Good: A truly wireless backup camera, it is the easiest camera to install on the market, so easy in fact that you can take it from one vehicle to another.  In addition to this the camera is submersible, and has a great display and vision.

The Bad: This truck backup camera has limited use while driving, if not using a trailer, because of a fish eye effect.  However, the major drawback to this wireless camera is that bluetooth cellphones, and other devices interfere with the signal.

The Bottom Line: If you can turn off your bluetooth devices or your bluetooth signal then, and have a metal bumper or trailer hitch to attach this backup camera to, then this is an outstanding option. Find the lowest price heretruck backup camera, or read on to get the complete review…truck backup cameratruck backup camera

What you get:
  • Completely wireless transmission and installation
  • Clear color monitor
  • Magnetic Mounted Camera
  • Waterproof and Submersible Camera
Customer Experience:
Before we get into a detailed review of the pros and cons of the Iball wireless trailer hitch cameratruck backup cameralet’s review one customer review which stands out from the rest.  This customer had been looking for a completely wireless backup camera, and had actually been told they did not exist.  A disabled veteran, the man was very please with the product because it has a clear picture, and saved him many trips in and out of his truck trying to hitch trailers.

Backup Camera Wireless Product Pros:

Great Vision – Costumers report that when using the Iball camera individuals can be clearly seen from over one hundred yards away. Furthermore the monitor gives you a clear color picture, and allows you to ‘rotate’ the camera angle to give you four different views.

Easiest Installation: The video below shows just how easy this wireless backup camera can be installed.  If you are unfamiliar with the backup camera installation process, it usually entails wiring the backup camera into your backup lights.

Versatility – As already mentioned this truck backup camera and monitor are so easy to install that they can be taken from one vehicle to the next. Because this camera is so versatile customers are finding other ways to used it such as using it to keep in eye on horses when transporting them in a trailer.

Affordable option – The Iball Wireless backup Camera is not the most affordable backup camera on the market, but it is a far cheaper option than a dealer installed truck backup camera.  Dealer cameras can cost as much as a thousand dollars, which is far more then the $75 for the iball camera.

Buy this truck backup cameratruck backup camera because of its 1) Great Vision 2) Easy Installation 3) Versatility 4) Affordability

Tuck Backup Camera Problems

Fishy iball – The backup camera iball can act as an additional rearview mirror when traveling because it does not just turn on when backing up but stays on for the entirety of your trip. Unfortunately, because the camera gives you a fish eye view, it is not as useful a rearview mirror as one would hope.

Batteries –  Unlike other cameras which hookup to your backup light this truck backup camera uses batteries, which can be a real pain.  It is a good idea to pick up some replacement batteries, and leave them in your truck, so you always have backup power.

Bluetooth Problems – By far the biggest problem with this product is the interference it suffers from bluetooth signals.  If you have a cellphone using bluetooth technology, or any other bluetooth device then be sure you can turn the device off before purchasing this wireless camera.  Simply turning off your cellphone in most cases will make sure the camera works as it should, and if you do not use a bluetooth headset then you should be fine.  Once you have hitch your trailer you can turn the backup camera off, and turn your cellphone back on.

The final say on the Iball Wireless Trailer Hitch Camera

One of the easiest backup cameras on the market to install, the Iball Wireless Trailer Hitch Camera is almost the perfect trailer hitch backup camera. Unfortunately, it’s only perfect if you do not use  bluetooth devices, but its clear monitor image, versatility, and affordability makes it worth consideration, and in most cases you will simply be able to turn off your bluetooth devices, making this camera a great choice.  This truck backup camera will make your vehicle safer to drive, and make hitching a trailer far easier, so check here for competitive pricingtruck backup camera.

Author: Morris Fisher

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