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So is the Swift Hitch SH01 really the perfect trailer hitch backup camera? We have all the details in yet another Backup Camera HQ review. We specialize in reviewing wireless backup cameras just like the Swift Hitch, and love the fact that this camera is one of the easiest on the market to install, and can be used for far more than just hitching your trailer.  Read on for the full details…

Swift Hitch Overview:

trailer hitch backup camera
With a recommended retail price of three hundred dollars this camera is more expensive then a lot of other wireless backup cameras we have reviewed on Backup Camera HQ.  However, the swift hitch backup camera has gotten great reviews on Amazon and across the web on sites like Etrailer.  If what you want is an easy to use backup camera, with no installation worries, then this is the camera for you.  Read the full review below or check out it’s 4.5 star rating on Amazon here.

User Experience:

Let’s take a quick look at what one Amazon customer had to say about the Swift Hitch SH01.  He basically says you should stop trying to hook-up your trailer without a backup camera!  The Swift Hitch has made life easier for those with stiff necks and limited rear view.  He  loves the fact that you can adjust the viewing angle of the camera because it is magnetic.  He suggest the product is…totally impressive!  Don’t believe me? I don’t blame you, so checkout the full review and many more like it here.

The Perfect trailer hitch backup Camera?

Stand out feature: Installation is so easy with this backup camera!  You do not  need to attach it to your backup light wiring, you do not need to run wiring through your vehicle to the dash, or even screw it onto your license plate.  All you do is charge the unit and attach it to your vehicle using the magnetic bottom or the suction cup (which is extra).  That is it!

Clear Pic: This little portable display can be carried in your hand, or can rest easy on your dash.  By all reports the Swift Hitch SH01 has a clear screen that is easy to use, and fantastic night vision.  Good clear night vision is often a problem on cheaper camera units, so it is nice to see it is not a problem with the Swift Hitch.

Not just a backup camera: The great thing about this trailer hitch backup camera is that it is able to be used for more than just a backup camera.  You can use it to watch horses or any cargo during transport.  It can even help you see inside or under a vehicle when doing an assessment or repair.  The folks over at legendary collector cars suggest that there are a lot of great uses for this camera…just use your imagination!

SH01 Cons:

Small screen:  There have been complaints made that this camera’s screen is a too small.  But a trailer hitch backup camera does not really need a massive screen.  You just need to be able to see your hitch and the trailer.  Now if you are hoping to use this for more then hitching a trailer, or you do not have the greatest sight then perhaps a larger 7” screen would be in order.  But of course, these  7” screens are not portable.

Not Attached: One thing that freaks customers out about this trailer hitch backup camera is that it only attaches using a suction cup or magnet.  This is a three to two hundred dollar camera, so what if it simply falls off your vehicle and gets destroyed.  Well common sense would suggest that you just need to ensure that it is secure before leaving it.  But you do also have the option of securing the unit with screws, just for peace of mind.

Really though, this trailer hitch backup camera is not your average backup camera because it is not supposed to be a permanent attachment to your vehicle.  You are suppose to mount, view, and hitch. The advantage here is that you should be able to mount it in the best possible location, and therefore that it is much more adaptable than other attached rear vision cameras.

Who is this for and are there alternatives?

This camera is perfect for those looking to make life easier when it comes to hitching trailers.  It is for those driving RV’s andtrailer hitch backup camera
trucks mostly, but could be used on any other vehicle really.  If you are looking for the premium product, there is a Swift Hitch SH02 which comes with a long lasting battery, and other accessories like the aforementioned suction cup.  You can find it for an affordable price here.  A cheaper alternative would be the Iball wireless trailer hitch backup camera. See our full review here.


This swift hitch SH01 has had amazing reviews on the web.  If you are looking for a simple product that does the job without a complicated installation process, or extra features you just do not need then the Swift Hitch is for you.  The recommended retail price is three hundred dollars, but you can here at 30% off.

Author: Murray Fisher

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