RearView Safety’s RV Rear View Camera Reviewed

If you are looking for the perfect RV rear view Camera, then you have come to the right place. Backup Camera HQ has a variety of reviews for you to read including Motorhome backup camera reviews. The backup camera company RearView Safety creates a durable RV rear view camera system that simply gets the job done. With options for one or two cameras, this is a must see for any recreational vehicle enthusiast.

Best Customer Service in the Industry:

Backup cameras or rear view cameras are notorious for coming with a lack of instructions and customer service. The company RearView Safety has a great track record in both of these categories. In one report a customer suggested the chip a large piece off the monitor during installation, and the company shipped him out a new stand the very next day. In addition many customers reports shipping is extremely fast when first purchasing the item. RearView Safety is quickly becoming a leader in the rear vision industry.

 Positives of RearView Safety’s Motorhome Backup Camera

Durable: Many reviewers on the web suggest that this is a solid rear view camera system that looks like it will last. Compared to other plastic license plate cameras, this system is heavy and chunky. Exactly what you want for those long hauls with your vehicle, whether it be a large truck or motorhome. In fact one reviewer suggests that the camera was working without problem for five months, which is great to hear as a lot of feedback is given about these products by folks who have just purchased them.

Extra Features: Another benefit of purchasing this Motorhome backup cameraRV rear view cameraover others is the extra input. You could plug in another camera to record off road adventures, or even a DVD player to have your favourite family movie playing.

RV rear view cameraRV rear view camera
Two Camera Option: For just under one hundred dollars more you can buy the same RV camera package with an extra camera. See our full review here.

Hard Wired: Many customers really like the idea of a wireless backup camera. But the truth is that many of these cameras, are not truly wireless. If a wireless rear view camera is a must for you, then we suggest this one reviewed here. The RearView Safety RV rear view camera is wired, and this just adds to its durability. It means there is one less thing that can go wrong with your RV, and peace of mind is something you should have when on vacation.

 Possible Product Probs with the RVS-770613?

Installation: While this motorhome backup camera is wired, so therefore more durable, it also means that you are going to need some extra time for installation. If you are not the Bob the builder type then you may want to entrust your installation to a professional, but inviting over a friend with some technical know how, or automotive electronic experience maybe all you need. If neither of these are an option then the many videos on will help you out, and even calling RearView Safety customer service will get you through any difficulties.

Large Camera: This is one of our top rated products and you may be reading this review thinking it would be a good option for any vehicle. However the large camera and monitor are not an easy fit on even a small truck, so this truly is a large truck or RV rear view camera.

Price: The Koolertron backup camera is only fifteen dollars versus this full RV rear view camera system which is price at just over two hundred dollars. However, this RearView Safety camera has a 4.5 star rating on Amazon and is build to last, unlike the Koolertron. Checkout out the reviews here.RV rear view camera

 The final word:

No other rear view camera we have reviewed on Backup Camera HQ has the customer service that RearView Safety’s products has, and very few are rated as well on Amazon. This camera is a simply a solid purchase, which will increase the safety of your vehicle and family. Read more about the product here, or purchase it right now on Amazon.comRV rear view camera

Author: Murray Fisher


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