Top 3 large Truck and RV Backup Camera options!

rv wireless backup cameraWelcome to Backup Camera HQ, where today we will help you find the best large truck and or RV backup camera for you.  Below we have listed our top three large vehicle backup cameras, and further down you will be able to find some general reading on purchasing a backup camera.

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1. RearView Safety’s Two Camera wired RV Backup Camera <- Our top pick

2. Swift Hitch SH01 Wireless Backup Camera

3. Pyle’s Affordable rear view mirror camera system

Because many RV sites are designed for backing in, you run the risk of damaging property or harming other people, children, or pets if you are unable to see your path as you steer into your spot. Of course, it is always helpful to have a co pilot or a navigator to help you back into your site successfully, but this is not always possible. For this and many other reasons, an RV backup camera is  essential.

By installing an RV backup camera, you can operate your rig more similarly to how you might operate your car. Backing up no longer needs to be a life and death proposition when you can see clearly what lies in your path. By using one of these types of cameras, you will always know exactly how much room you have in which to operate. You also have the ability to prevent damage to your RV, other people, and others’ property.

Go Wireless

Some larger or newer RVs come with backup cameras already installed. This is wonderful for those people fortunate enough to be able to afford a new or extremely well-appointed older rig. If you are an RV operator with an older rig, you probably do not have many of the new fangled features found on more recent models. Luckily, if you currently do not have a backup camera installed on your RV, you have an unlimited number of choices when it comes to your options for installing such a device.

The best part of the current crop of RV backup cameras is that they are operated without the use of messy, easily tangled wires. Most wireless systems consist of a camera which mounts near the vehicle’s license plate or elsewhere on the rig’s rear. The camera can be battery operated, or it can be set up to run off the RV’s power system. The camera then sends a signal to the monitor which is located in the rig’s cab where the driver can easily see it.

Images from the rear of the vehicle are often displayed only when the vehicle has been shifted into reverse. This is a safety feature designed to prevent operators from inspecting the monitor when they should be keeping their eyes on the road. Obviously, wireless technology has played a huge role in making this all possible. It is difficult to imagine what installation of one of these cameras might be like if you had to deal with long strands of wires and cables.

RV Backup Camera: Three example products

1. HaulSafe FT0800 Portable Wireless Camera

This is a very easily installed device that can be removed, if necessary, to place on another vehicle. It is designed specifically for RV operators and  truckers, so it is ideal for most RV applications. One drawback is that the battery only holds a charge forRv Wireless Backup Camera about two hours. This might be a deal breaker for some RV operators, but it’s still an interesting RV wireless backup camera option.


-Wireless technology
-Lithium batteries built into camera and receiver
-Night vision up to 3 meters
-Four distinct frequencies

Rv Wireless Backup Camera2. Peak PKC0RB Backup Camera System

This model is a terrific low-cost option for those trying out an RV backup camera for the first time. It features an easy to install camera that mounts on the license plate, and a display that is mounted effortlessly within the cab. It features a 3.5” color screen, and it is very easy to install.


-3.5” LCD color monitor
-Weather-proof camera
-Large 110 degree viewing area
-Installs in minutes

3. Audiovox ACA250 Wireless Backup Camera System

Another budget model, this Audiovox might be the best value on the list. It features a brilliant color screen and it is able to display night vision images, as well. One drawback is that it may not be able to broadcast wirelessly if you have a larger rig. SpecificationsRV Wireless Backup Camera indicate that the camera is only guaranteed to broadcast over a distance of fifteen feet, making it more ideal for cars or SUVs.


-2.5” LCD color screen
-110 degree viewing area
-Color, brightness, and contrast automatically adjust for best results
-Power supplied by backup lights

Rv Backup Camera Conclusion

There are many more possibilities when it comes to wireless backup cameras you can use with your RV. When you do your research, keep in mind that safety should be your primary concern, so be sure to spend what you need to achieve maximum visibility.  Be sure to checkout our sites other articles listed on the left and top of the page. And remember, once you have installed your RV wireless backup camera, you will probably wonder how you ever got along without it.

Author: Murray Fisher


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