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Welcome to Backup Camera HQ, where we review backup camera systems also known as a rearview camera systems. In this article we will review the basic benefits of a rearview camera, the variations, and shopping tips.  If you are interested in product reviews please checkout our buyer guides listed in the left sidebar or at the top of the page.  One of the most important things rearview cameras should do is automatically switch on when the car is in reverse mode. This can be done by connecting a wire to the backend lighting system of the car; this will trigger the camera to come on when the car is in reverse. Not all backup cameras come with this feature, and you will have to look for these specific models. One distinct feature of this camera is that it is horizontally aligned, meaning you get to see a mirror image on your screen. This is necessary considering the orientation between the driver and the rear of the car.
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rearview cameraRearview Camera Benefits

There are several benefits of a wireless backup camera and here are some of them:
• It prevents accidents with  people, animals or children, which may save you tons of stress.
• It quite simply increases your safety on the road, which should mean less insurance claims.
• It protects your vehicle from any bumps and scratches, which helps to maintain resell value.
• If you are driving on behalf of a company, such a reduction in accidents will improve your delivery times. It works the same way even on a personal basis.

Rearview Camera – Variations

There are different kinds of cameras manufactured and they are chosen depending on how they will be used. Large vehicles that can tow a motor home would befitted with cameras that come with a built in servo-mechanism. With this, the driver will be able to change the angles at which the camera is placed remotely.
Some cameras have an audio feature that allows two-way communication with a spotter who may be on the outside. Having the feature of night vision, especially for those who do a lot of nighttime driving may be an important feature for you.  If you have a small car, then an all-in-one portable camera system would be just right for you. This camera comes with a screen and can be dismantled whenever you want. Also, if you would like to have a model that does not require that you make many modifications in your car, then your best bet would be the kind that you can install on your license plate.

Wireless Rearview Cameras – when shopping

If you are looking for a good backup camera, then here are some points to keep in mind:
• Ensure that you choose from cameras that are all-weather resistant since these cameras are installed outside your car.
• Make sure they include infrared night vision
• Check your camera’s image output to make sure that it is producing a mirror image, as such a feature is the main
reason to have such a camera.
The longevity of the rearview camera you choose is important so find one with a good warranty.
Author: Murray Fisher
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