Rear Vision Cameras – Why Don’t School Buses Use them?

Welcome to another news update from Backup Camera HQ, where we look at the issue of  school bus rear vision cameras today. Anyone who has traveled on a school bus knows that often these buses are old, and lack a lot of the latest safety advancements.  Upon reflection this seems absurd and completely ridiculous.  These school buses carry our most prized possessions, our children.  And even though many public school systems can not afford to give all their students laptops, they should be able to afford to give their buses rear vision cameras.

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The safety of children is the utmost concern to all parents, and that is why you either want a backup camera for your car, or already have a backup camera install on your vehicle.  Buses should be no different, and school buses should need backup cameras. Governments have been purposing to pass legislation that will make backup cameras standard in all SUV’s and Trucks, but what about buses or school buses?

But Buses Don’t Backup?

But maybe you are thinking that school buses do not do a lot of backing up? Well, often backup cameras on RV’s and buses work or are turned on the entire time.  So a school bus driver will be able to know exactly where those children are, or perhaps even more important, where other vehicles are.  This is going to make children’s entrance and exit from the bus safer in the long run.  Eliminating the bus drivers blind spots with a rear vision camera is a great idea, and one that many school districts or divisions should act on today.

You may also be thinking that bu operators are well trained and hard working individuals, which is true for the most part, but why not have the safest school bus on the road?  I do not see how anyone with a child that takes a school bus could disagree with this.  You cannot be too safe when it comes to your children! This is a sentiment that Americans take great pride in, and so take action and ask why your local school buses are not using the latest technology to protect your children.  A Rearview camera systems installed on school buses will create confidence in peace of mind in every parent on the planet, and as the technology is better and better, for less and less there really is no reason for not including this extra level of safety on all vehicles.  When all buses on the road have a backup camera, then not only will our children be safer, but everyone will be safer.

Technology is improving so fast that it is hard to keep up with, but when it comes to safety you should regularly seek out new car equipment.  Whether that means purchasing the latest new car with a backup camera, or buying you own rear vision camera, technology has, and continues to make the world a safer place.  Do not let these new technologies pass you by, checkout the great reviews here at Backup Camera HQ, and find the perfect rear vision camera for you.

Author: Morris Fisher

Sources: “School Buses Should Use a Backup Camera System” 2011. “Transit Shuttle Buses Safety Products” 2011. “Lets see what we have here” 2010.

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