Discover our Pyle PLCM7700 Review – A fantastic rear view mirror camera system

Is the Pyle PLCM7700 the rear view mirror camera system for you? We will help you explore this wired backup camera system, and point you in the direction of alternatives if you discover it isn’t for you. We work hard to bring you aggregated information from all over the web, so read on to get the facts on Pyle’s mirror backup camera.

A word from Pyle:

The Pyle website suggests that the PLCM7700 rear view mirror camera system is an advancement in both the traditional rear view mirror and the backup camera. The10.7 inch anti-glare mirror, will give you the advantages of a larger then average rear view mirror, but of course it also functions as a video screen for the backup camera, and even has room for a second video input for entertainment or an additional camera.

rear view mirror camera systemrear view mirror camera system
Key features:

  • 420 lines of resolution
  • 10.7 mirror
  • waterproofing
  • night vision
  • distance lines display
  • two video inputs
  • runs on your vehicle’s twelve volt power plug
  • easy to install license plate mounted backup camera
  • 17 foot wired cable

Pyle’s Mirror Backup Camera Pros:

Waterproofing and nightvision work: After reading a few reviews on backup cameras, you will quickly find out that many of the lower end cameras, such as the Koolertron, suggest they have waterproofing and nightvision, but often times don’t, or at least aren’t reliable. The Pyle PLCM7700 has no complaints about poor waterproofing or night vision. In fact the only real complaint are regarding the instructions, but more on that later.

Distance markers: This rear view mirror camera system has had several reviewers suggest it has excellent distance markers. If you’re new to backup cameras these ‘markers’ display on the monitor giving you a reference for backing up. One reviewer suggests the markers are one foot apart making for easy reference.

Wide View: The combination of the large 7 inch display and wide angle camera, gives the user an excellent view smaller displays simply can not give. This feature makes this rear view mirror camera system an excellent gift for aging truck and RV drivers.

Affordable: This camera is comparable to other much more expensive cameras. The 7” display and the ability to show two cameras are features you would find on high end products like the RearView Safety’s heavy duty camera. One review suggests the monitor itself is worth the price.

The following video gives you a decent look at the product. If you are ready to purchase we suggest picking up the Pyle PLCM7700 on Amazon:rear view mirror camera system

Purchase on Amazon here:rear view mirror camera system

Cons: A Proper Pyle PLCM7700 Review

Too big: The larger monitor works best of trucks, vans, SUV’s, and RV’s. The 7” display is going to take up a lot of your forward facing vision if using it on a smaller vehicle, so not exactly a great safety feature. Pyle does have a variety of other smaller backup camera displays. And if you already have a car monitor, we suggest you get Boyo backup camera.

Installation: If you’re not mechanically inclined, then you should consider professional installation of the Pyle PLCM7700. The mirror backup camera is so much cheaper then other comparable cameras that this is affordable. Alternatively, you can invite over a relative or friend which is mechanically inclined to assist you. Promises of beer and or food usually work.

Instructions: The biggest problem with the Pyle PLCM7700 are the instructions. They suck. Regrettably this is something you see in a lot of wired or wireless backup cameras. Fortuately the Internet is a massive wealth of information, and there are many tutorials and video tutorials on the subject. Perhaps not of this exact model, but on similar models for sure. Below is a list of tips for installation.

Installation Tips:

  1. Most folks run power from the reverse light, but you may want to consider connecting it you your trailer connector since this is easier to access.
  2. The cables maybe too short, so be sure to measure, and purchase additional wire if needed.
  3. Always test your wiring and camera before starting installation.
  4. For the monitor the green cable goes to the reverse light wire, black is ground, and red is hot.

You can also view this video below to help with installation, but don’t forget to read our final say on this rear view mirror camera system, or if you feel you’re ready to purchase get the Pyle PLCM7700 at an affordable price here.rear view mirror camera system

The final Say:

If you have found this review helpful please consider sharing it on Facebook or Twitter. The final say is Pyle’s backup camera is a great choice for anyone driving a larger vehicle. It is comparable to more expensive cameras on the market, but it also has features which really work unlike less expensive cameras. This rear view mirror camera system is the perfect blend of quality and affordability. It is a highly recommended product, and you can find it here at an affordable price.rear view mirror camera system

Author: Murray Fisher

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