Pyle Backup Camera System – Just Another Cheap Wireless Rearview Camera?

Is the Pyle backup camera system just another one of those cheap car backup cameras? Or is this wired backup camera really a quality product? Backup Camera HQ, as always, has the detailed review of this popular and top selling rearview camera system.

Straight to the Point:

The Good: The Pyle PLCM34WiR wireless backup rearview camera system, has solid waterproofing, which has been a serious problem with other affordable car backup cameras. It also has a similar installation process to other wireless cameras, but overall you are going to purchase this item because it is a affordable at only eighty-six bucks.

The Bad: Unfortunately this is one camera were the bad seems to outweigh the good. There are many reports of the product simply not working, which is possible with any of the cheaper mass produced cameras, but it seems to be a bigger problem with this Pyle model.  Besides this there are a large contingent of reviewers who suggest the nightvision simply does not work, or does not work like it should.

The Final Word: Nightvision is an essential feature on a backup camera, and because it seems to be a big problem with this model, it is best that you consider another camera model. The Peak backup camera system is a good alternative, or if you like the Pyle brand, people seem to be having greater success with the Pyle wired backup camera system.

pyle backup camera system

Pyle Product Description Summary:

  • Nightvision-capable
  • Monitor for your vehicle
  • License plate camera
  • Crystal clear video
  • RCA Output
  • Wireless

Pyle Backup Camera Positives:

Solid waterproofing: Other cheap rearview cameras have tons of customer complaints about waterproofing.  Pyles PLCM36 backup camera has no such customer complaints.

Installation: Basic knowledge of car wiring and installation is needed to install the product, but overall this installation is straightforward, and not as complicated as the wired pyle backup camera, or other wired backup cameras.

Versatility: One customer was using the Pyle backup camera system as a baby monitor.  In doing so they thought it was such a great product that they bought an another camera for their second car.Affordable: This wireless backup camera does come in at under one hundred dollars, and this would be the main reason for purchasing it.  Unfortunately, it is one of those mass produced items which is not the greatest of quality, and you would most likely be better off trying out the wired version of the product, or the perhaps Peak’s wireless backup camera system. But maybe you have already purchased this camera? Read on for help to overcome the product problems.Summary:

  • Solid Waterproofing
  • Basic installation
  • Versatility
  • Affordability

Car Backup Cameras Not Always Perfect:

Nightvision: One of the biggest complaints about the camera is the night vision.  There are many reports that this camera does not have decent night vision.  If you have already purchased to item, and are looking to overcome this problem, then installing some auxiliary backup lights would most likely solve the problem.

No Instructions: Another complaint that a lot of folks have with backup cameras in general is that they come with no installation instructions, or unclear or incomplete directions.  The Pyle backup camera system comes with no instructions at all, but doing a quick Youtube search will find several car backup camera installation videos, which should be a huge help. Basically, if you have seen one rearview camera installed you have seen that all.

Check Product Before Installation: Always a good idea to check the camera before installing it, and unfortunately the Pyle backup camera system has a habit of not working. You can hook it up to the monitor and see if both are working before you invest the time it takes to install, and if the monitor is not working you can always hook the camera up to a computer monitor, or the a newer television.


  • Nightvision not great
  • No instructions
  • Check product before installation

Lots of Other Car Backup Cameras On the Market:

Even though the Pyle backup camera system has great waterproofing, and an affordable price it is a product you should pass up. With tons of complaints about the nightvision, and  just as many folks saying that the product simply does not work, you would be better off buying another product. Other suggested products are Peak’s wireless backup camera system, or you may want to check out the easy installation of this SUV and truck backup camera system.

Author: Morris Fisher

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