The Peak Wireless Backup Camera – Product Problems?

Welcome to Backup Camera HQ were today we are reviewing the Peak Wireless Backup Camera system.  The Peak system is one of the more affordable options on the market, but another word for affordable is cheap.  So the question we need to answer is as follows, is this affordable backup camera cheaply made, or is it worth your time, money, and effort?

Wireless Backup Camera System Specifics:

The peak wireless backup camera license plate camera comes with a 2.4 GHZ  transmitter which wirelessly transmits full color video to the supplied 3.5 inch LCD monitor. You get a one hundred and ten degree view with the camera, and Peak Electronics suggests that the camera is weatherproof (more on this later). Customers have found the product to be useful on a variety of vehicles…Peak Wireless Backup Camera

Peak wireless backup camera system

– suction cup LCD color monitor
– waterproof license plate camera
– wireless transmitter
– needed wiring and clamps

Customer Experience:

Before getting into the full review of the pros and cons of the product, let us review one positive customer experience. One gentlemen explains how he purchased the peak wireless backup camera system mainly to help with backing up into and attaching his trailers.  He explains how with this wireless system he would save himself three to six trips to the back of his truck, checking on the location of the hitch.  Overall he found it has made the process a much smoother production, and the backup camera has been a serious time saving device.  However, we do not all have trucks or trailers, so read on to find out the other positives and negatives of the Peak system here…Peak Wireless Backup Camera

Positives of the Peak Product?

Easy install: The major advantage of the Peak wireless backup camera, over its wired brothers like the Koolertron camera, is that there is no need to run a wire from the back of your vehicle to the front.  The Peak system transmits wireless signals to the included monitor, so getting your back camera installed is far easier.

Clear picture: One customer suggests that they could detect a clear spray bottle only ten inches away from the rear bumper.  An addition other reports suggest that Peak wireless backup camerathe lines on the screen help give you a reference when backing up, perfect for getting into a parking spot.

Everything included: Some of the cheaper backup cameras on the market keep their cost down by not including a monitor, or even the extra wiring and clamps you are going to need for installation.  However, the Peak wireless backup camera system, as the long name suggests, comes with everything you need to get started.  This will save you time figuring out what you need, and ordering all the different parts online. We suggest purchasing from Amazon.comPeak Wireless Backup Camera, but read on to get product problems and possible solutions to them…


– Easier to install than wired units
– Clear display
– Everything included

Problems with Peaks Product:

Wireless probs: Because this is a wireless backup camera system, you will occasionally find that other wireless signals will interfere with Peak’s transmitter. For example the screen will sometimes come to life as you’re driving through your neighborhood because of wifi signals.

Not Water proof? The majority of poor reviews found online complain about the lack of waterproofing. As we suggested with the Koolertron review, you will want to pick up some black siliconePeak Wireless Backup Camera caulk to help seal the camera.  Keep in mind that the majority of purchasers have had not had a problem with the waterproofing, but it is strongly suggested you take this extra step.

Not wide enough view: The picture is clear, but the angle it covers is one hundred ten degrees which leaves a bit to be desired.

Wired installation: The product specifications suggest that the peak wireless backup system can install in minutes.  This is a bit misleading, and so is the fact that they call it wireless.  The peak backup camera installation is not as straightforward as the video by below suggests.  An expert should be able to attach this in minutes.  If you’re not the Bob the buildier type then it will take an hour or two.

Peak Backup Camera Installation Video

Just keep in mind that this is produced by peak themselves, and is therefore just a bit basis:

Convinced this product is for you? Well this is what you’ll need for installation:

Peak Wireless Backup Camera
– Peak PKC0RB wireless backup camera system with LCD monitor

Permatex Black Silicone – 3 OuncePeak Wireless Backup Camera

The Final Say:

So the Peak Backup Camera Installation is fairly straightforward, but some patience and basic know how will be needed for beginners. The only other serious complaint about the product is the waterproofing, which can be mitigated by purchasing some sealer.  So its not all bad, and the fact that this backup camera system is easier to install, comes with everything you need, and has a clear picture means that its a solid purchase. Not a perfect product, but  as “The Truth  About Cars” site suggests it is good enough to improve the safety of your family while driving.  The peak wireless backup camera can be delivered to your home in a timely manner if ordering from the most trusted online store Wireless Backup Camera

Author: Murray Fisher

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