Does 4UCAM make the Best Bluetooth Navigation System With Backup Camera?

Welcome to Backup Camera HQ were this week we are taking a look at the best Bluetooth navigation system with backup camera included.  First up we will be looking at an offering from 4UCAM, which sports a large monitor, Bluetooth capabilities, and license plate camera and more…

Some key features of the 7” 4UCAM Bluetooth Navigation System:

Navigation System With Backup Camera

  • Waterproof backup camera
  • Bluetooth hands free calling
  • One hundred and ten degree rearview camera
  • Decent 2.4Mhz wireless signal
  • Clear night vision backup view and GPS screen
  • HD display with easy to use touch screen
  • Lithium battery works up to 3hrs without charge
  • Two speakers and a headphone connector
  • Store data, music, photos etc… in a two Gig SD or MMC memory card

Bluetooth Navigation System Pros:

Lithium batteries: One of the major advantages to this navigation system with backup camera is the lithium batteries.  Many wireless backup camera monitors need to be plugged in to work, but this is a nice GPS/monitor hybrid, and will last up to three hours while in use.

An SD card and FM transmitter: being able to plug in an SD card means that you can run music or movies through the system as well.  This of course would completely suck with the crappy speakers on the monitor, but luckily you can use an FM transmitter to stream music through your stereo!  You can also use the SD card to store eBooks and pictures, but well this is nice, it may not be particularly practical.  A more popular feature is when you are called the Bluetooth function will shut down all music or movies allowing you to focus on the call.

Good Sized Screen: Most backup camera monitors and Navigation systems have between a 3.5 and 5 inch display.  This 7” display is going to look great, and give you a clear picture of where you are headed.

All cables and mount included: You would think that all cameras would come with a mount and the wiring needed, but you would be wrong.  Backup Cameras are notorious for coming with a lack of wiring, instructions, and mounts.  So the fact all three are included in this 4Ucam package is great!

4UCAM’s License Plate Camera Cons:

Waterproofing: Waterproofing is always a bit of a problem with backup cameras, so we suggest that you coat your license plate backup camera with silicone to give it some extra waterproofing.

Installation: You will need to connect your wireless backup camera to your backup lights, so that it turns on when you backup.  You may want to watch a few Youtube videos on this before you actually do it, and inviting over anyone with electrical experience you know, would be a good idea.  At least this camera is wireless, so you don’t need to go too run a wire through your car to the monitor.

110 degree view: This navigation system with backup camera does not give you the widest of views.  The boyo wired backup camera comes with a 150 degree view versus the 4Ucam license plate camera which only has a 110 degree view.

wireless troubles: With all wireless backup cameras, you will occasionally get static or your camera will randomly turn on during the drive.  This can be distracting, but should rarely occur.

Smartphone integration: The one thing this navigation system with backup camera is missing is a smartphone integration.  Some people are not big on using their smartphone for everything, and if you are that type of person then this GPS is for you.  If you like the idea of using your smartphone then really your only choice is to purchase a car monitor like the Pyle PLDN74BTI and a wired backup camera like the boyo license plate camera.

The Final Word:Navigation System With Backup Camera

This 4UCAM Navigation system with backup camera is a solid choice.  If the $350 price tag scares you, then you may want to look at the smaller version.  Remember you can receive calls hands free, have a backup camera, GPS, Music, and movies all run through this one 7 “ display, so it makes for valuable product.  Make sure you review the installation videos on youtube, and purchase some silicone for better waterproofing.  Overall this is a great product that can increase the safety of your family and vehicle.  Find it for the lowest price here.

Author: Murray Fisher

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