License Plate Backup Camera: A New Perspective

Car manufacturers are continually bringing new designs to the marketplace and the regulatory and consumer demands for more efficient vehicles making the need for a license plate backup camera a necessity. Sharper lines, sleeker profiles and lower windows are all contributing factors to drives having a much smaller field of vision not only to the front but to the sides and rear of contemporary cars, trucks and SUV’s. A number of manufacturers have given drivers the option to add rearward looking cameras, while high end manufacturers understanding this limitation have begun to make these cameras a standard option on the vehicles with the highest probability of blind spots.

Best License Plate backup camera Products:

We have a list below outlining our detailed reviews of top license plate backup cameras.  We also have below some general information on License plate cameras if you are new to backup cameras:

  • Discover the top wired Boyo backup camera here.
  • For the Peak backup camera system review click here.
  • And if you are interested in bluetooth capabilities checkout this product.
  • You can also see an overview of our best wired and wireless backup cameras here.

Features and Benefits?

  • Direct Installation with the original screws into the original license plate holeslicense plate backup camera
  • Waterproof
  • Wireless operation in more expensive units
  • Day and Night capabilities (Infrared operation) with minimum 0.1 lux
  • Minimum 2.4 mm with 120 degree angle of vision
  • Sun visor for when backing into the direction of the sun at a low angle
  • Resolution and Lines that fit the monitor in your vehicle or to be purchased
  • Ideally, the license plate backup camera should be purchased as a system unless you are replacing an old camera. This will insure that your camera and the monitor are compatible and allow you to take full advantage of the capabilities of the camera system.

License Plate Backup Camera Systems

license plate backup camera Adding a backup camera system to your vehicle is very simple. Most kits on the market cone with a camera,      accessories, monitor, mounting hardware and accessories. One of the highest rated systems on the market is  made by Safesight. The SC4101-SC0301 contains everything you need to install your system and the best feature  of this camera is that the screen is a 4.3 inch addition to the rear view mirror. The only drawback mentioned by  users of this camera system is that occasionally in bright light it is hard to see the video screen mounted on the  mirror. One solution for this was to use the flip on the mirror in order to take the glare off the screen.

The Pyle PLCM35 camera system has all the bells and whistles one has come to expect from high end products.  It offers a night vision that is probably the best on the market. The monitor does need to be mounted on the dash  and this does cause some loss of forward vision especially toward the right fender. The system does require a  cutout in the rear of the vehicle in order to install the camera properly. This may mean that installation is beyond  the scope of the average driver.

Extending Your Rear View with an After Market License Plate Backup Camera

The need to see what is behind you has never been more apparent than when trying to navigate the commercial parking lots that are designed to put more cars in than to allow them adequate parking and maneuvering space. Rearward facing cameras make getting in and out of parking spaces much easier and safer. Cameras that come factory installed often fail sooner than they should and need to be replaced. A license plate backup camera can be installed very quickly by the average driver and the installation into the current electrical system is very simple. The Lock Pick Bar-Cam 221 has been chosen by a large number of drivers for its ease of installation, super wide 180 degree viewing angle, night vision illumination and the option to have a standard view or mirror image projected on the screen. There are very few limitations with this camera that have been noted by users across the country.

Backup Cameras offer a sense of seeing that is not complete and so when using one of these it is very important that you continue to manually scan the area before backing. A rear facing system does not provide a complete view of the area and are there as an adjunct to proper driving technique. Technology continues to get better every day and our dependence on technology continues to grow. However, safe driving technique can never be replaced by technology. Proper installation of any system may require a professional to ensure that the license plate backup camera is operating optimally and can provide you with years of service.

Author: Murray Fisher

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