Best in Car DVD System? The Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD wins top Pick!

If you are looking for a great in car DVD system, then look no further than the Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD! By no means is it the perfect product, but this car DVD system has been well received by many! We highly recommended this monitor, if you have the cash? So sit back and relax as Backup Camera HQ gives you the full details…

in car DVD system

This multimedia receiver is an in-dash display created to give you great audio and video, with exceptional portable connectivity and improve communication, and can be found for under five hundred dollars online.  It would go great with the Boyo backup camera, and so we have linked to the Boyo camera at the end of the article

Highlights of Pioneer’s Car DVD System:

  • Responsive Screen – just as good as the iTouch screen, so very quick.
  • Basic Installation – fits in just cars or vehicles with decent sized dash opening, and can be installed in around thirty minutes if you have the experience.
  • User Friendly – Menus are easy to use and GUI is works great.
  • DVD/SD – Easy to use DVD and SD cards.
  • Upgradable – can be upgraded to be at the same levels as more expensive units.
  • Practical Setup – some in car video systems sacrifice practical us for better looks.  Pioneer’s AVH-P4300DVD has buttons at the bottom of the display, so is easy to use.
  • Can use with backup camera, GPS system, Satellite Radio, Bluetooth capable.

Pioneer’s Product Pros

One of the best things about this in car DVD system is it is easy to use with your iPod or iPhone.  Many of these video systems just haven’t made it easiest enough, and this is exactly what the average user wants to be able to do, so Pioneer has done a great job.

Not only is it easy to use your Ipod with the system, but it is also very easy to setup your Bluetooth phone so that it is easy to take calls or make calls.  And of course the sound is great as you would expect from a system in this price range.

The Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD, what a mouthful, also has a five band equalizer, but also a auto setup option, so if you have no idea what a five band equalizer is then no sweat.  Ultimately, this means it is easy to upgrade your system or fine tune it for your particular system.

One Amazon reviewer suggests that purchasing this in car DVD system can give you similar results to in-dash video systems for double the price.  He suggests smartphones already come with navigation settings, so if you have one, then there is no reason to have one integrated into your in car DVD system.

The Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD has a massive four point five out of five rating on Amazon, something you rarely see.  In fact there are mostly four and five star reviews, only five out of sixty six review are in the one to three star range.  At least, that is the case at the time this article was written, do not believe us? I would not blame you, but you can check the review here.

Here is a great video review by AAADiver:


Car DVD Cons

A major draw backup to Pioneer’s in car DVD system the unit is it is reported to have a seriously hard time loading SD cards. The unit will support SD cards up to 3.2 GB, but takes over two minutes to load the SD card each time you first load the music.  So if you use SD cards you may want to find another model.

Another potential problem is that you can have your phone and ipod or music device hooked up at the same time.  Most likely not a real deal breaker, but maybe for some folks who don’t like to use their phone for everything. The product below will help you hook up your iphone or ipod:

Pioneer CD-IU200V Usb Interface Cable For Ipod/Iphone(Tm)

Lastly, a problem which may be a deal breaker is the fact that you cannot import contacts, and dial from the Pioneer screen like a lot of other devices of the market.  With voice activation becoming better and better on smartphones, this may not be a problem at all.

The Final word of the Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD

Thank you for reading another Backup Camera HQ Review.  The final word? Well the high rating Pioneer’s in car DVD system gets on Amazon should be pretty shocking, and clearly shows just how well received this product has been.  So head on over the Amazon to read through the reviews yourself and find the product for sale at a stellar price.  Happy shopping!

Author: Murray Fisher

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