Discover the best in car GPS with Backup Camera? 4.3” 4UCAM Review!

Welcome to Backup Camera HQ, where we help you discover the best in car GPS with backup camera on the market. This 4UCAM may not actually be the best rear vision camera for you, but by the end of the article we will have pointed you to alternatives, or you will have decide the 4.3” 4UCAM is for you!

The easy to install license plate camera are powered by your backup lights.  You will actually need to attach the cameras wiring your vehicles backup lights.  This is a bit trickier then installing the camera itself but is doable.  The backup camera transmits to the 4.3” screen, and then once your switch to drive your GPS system will automatically turn on and guide you to your destination.

Some of the key features of this great in car GPS with backup camera:gps with backup cameraGPS with Backup Camera

  • Night vision
  • Waterproof
  • touch screen
  • Lithium battery
  • GPS software included
  • 2 Gig data storage

Positives of the 4.3″ 4UCAM in car GPS

Mount and cable included: One of the advantages of ordering a 4UCAMGPS with Backup Camera is that you will be given everything you need for the backup camera.  Many companies keep costs low by selling just a camera, but not a monitor, and some rearview cameras are sold without the additional wiring you need to install them.  With this 4.3” 4UCAM GPS product, as well as, the 7” monitor version, you get everything you need.

Li-Ion battery: A nice feature of buying both a GPS and backup camera monitor in one, is that this monitor can be unplugged for up to an hour while being used.  Most cheap backup camera models need to be plugged in any time you are going to reverse, but not this 4UCAM product.  This allows you to charge your cell phone or laptop on long drives with the family.  Although it takes eight hours to fully charge the unit, so make sure you plug it in at night during those long trips. The 7” 4UCAM navigation system with backup camera comes with a Lithium ion battery, which last up to three hours on a single charge.  It costs less than $100 more than the 4.3” version so is something you will want to consider if you have the cash.

SD Card: The camera comes with an SD card which you can upload music, movies, photos, or eBooks to.  This means that your GPS can become more than just a navigation system, but also an entertainment system.

FM Transmitter: Similar to an ipod FM transmitter, this 4UCAM product allows you to play music through your vehicle’s radio.  It will also automatically pause all music or movies when a call is made.  This makes it as simple as possible to focus on the road when receiving a call.

Not the perfect product:

Extra Waterproofing Needed: One of the biggest complaints on the web regarding backup cameras would be their lack of proper waterproofing.  This is why we always suggest you purchase some silicone to make sure that you reinforce the provided waterproofing.

Installation: Another major complaint you see a lot of on the web is the lack of instructions included with backup cameras.  This GPS with backup camera system could have clearer instructions, but it does come with instructions, and you could also check out the many professional created guides on Youtube.  The most difficult part is attaching your cameras wiring to your backup lights, and this is the same process despite which camera you are using, so you may not find a guide for this product, but you will find others similar in nature. Here is an example of the installation process for the VR3 backup camera:

Smartphone integration: There is one feature that this GPS with backup camera is missing, which you would get with an in car DVD system, and that is smartphone integration.  Being able to access this little portable computers is the way of the future, but not everyone likes to use their phone for music, movies, or more.  So if you fall into that category, then do not worry about this problem.

The Final Word on 4.3” 4UCAM

If this setup interests you then I would strongly consider reading our review of the 7” 4UCAM.  But if you are looking for a GPS with backup camera, Bluetooth, and an SD card then this is a model that will work well for you.  Just be sure that you pick up some silicone to reinforce the waterproofing and review the provided installation video above.  If you decide to order the item then we suggest you will find the lowest price on with Backup Camera

Author: Murray Fisher

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