Google Glasses – Major Potential For Drivers!

Welcome to Backup Camera HQ were we specialize in wireless backup camera reviews, but bring you far more! Like all the latest news related to  rearview cameras.  Interested to find out how the new Google Glasses are related to backup cameras and vehicle GPS systems? Then read on…

What are Google Glasses?

Wikipedia suggests that project glass or the Google Glasses are an augmented reality head mounted display or (HMD) for short.  Sort of hard to wrap your head around this, but basically the glasses are a computer on your head.  The glasses look like your everyday pair of glasses, but do not  have lenses, instead they have a heads-up display. HMD’s have been around for awhile, but the big deal with project glass is that these “glasses” are far slimmer then any other HMD’s created previously. The video below will give you an idea of how they work, but stay tuned to how this connects to driving your favourite ride.


The Best Car Monitor:

So Google Glasses are a pretty crazy idea, and google has had lots of product flops in the past. However this new headset has major potential for drivers despite what many like Gizmodo are saying.  The Gizmo experts suggest that the glasses look horrific, and even though they look alright on Googles great looking guys and gals, no one is really going to wear these in public. What about while driving though?

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Imagine driving with these glasses, you could have your GPS built into them, well you would just use google maps as shown in the video, which would be automatically updated.  Far better then needing to plug your GPS system into your computer for updates. Or maybe you are backing out of your driveway? Well how about a wireless backup camera which connects to your google glasses giving you a clear view of what’s behind your SUV! At this point not many folks are really interested in looking like a dork walking around town with these weird glasses, but people may feel more accepting if they are marketed as a driving ad.

Backup Camera Glasses

Although GPS glasses or backup camera glasses will not be around anytime soon, Google suggests at least two years before release, there are tons of great wireless backup cameras currently on the market.  Checkout our top products section to find one today, and be prepared for the Google Glasses release. Thanks for reading!


Author: Morris Fisher

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