Best Car Video System and Backup Camera Monitor? The Pyle PLDN74BTI

Welcome to Backup Camera HQ where we specialize in reviewing wireless backup cameras, but have also been know to review wired rearview cameras, camera monitors, and GPS units which work in conjunction with a backup cameras.  Today we are reviewing the car video system by Pyle, product code PLDN74BTI.  This makes for a great backup camera monitor, and we suggest the boyo camera as a great wired camera to go with Pyle’s video system.

Specifics on the Specs:

car video systemCar Video System
– Beautiful seven inch TFT Color touchscreen monitor
– Plays: MPEG4’s, MP3’s, DVD’s, and CD’s
– Display will list titles, times, subtitles, chapters, and more
– A/V input and output
– Am and FM tuner
– All the volume control you would want with treble, bass, balance, etc…
– Supports A2DP Bluetooth
– Subwoofer Output

The Pyle Car Video System Review Summary:

The common theme amoung reviewers on and other sites like is that this DVD player and monitor gives you features which usually only come with more expensive products.  The following is a summary of just one of the five star reviews that can be found for this product on the web:

This car video system or backup camera monitor is easy to install, even if you just have a little electronic experience.  It comes with a installation a diagram, but not really much of a guide.  However the diagram is enough to get the job done.

The sound is great, it has great DVD playback speeds and quality.  Also the touch screen works very well, and the USB reading is very quick.  Finally the Bluetooth is awesome!  The Reviewer suggests the product is worth every penny, and is amazed by the price tag of under $200!

The Pyle PLDN74BTI  Pro’s?

Viewing: When purchasing a car video system you want something that you can clearly see from several different angles. The Pyle PLDN74BTI (what a mouthful) is very capable of meeting these expectations, which is something you should not expect given the price.

Remote Control: Another advantage of this car video systemCar Video System is the remote.  The remote can make it easier to control your in car entertainment if you ensure that you place it in the same place every time.  Otherwise, it will be even more of a distraction then controlling the video system manually.

Bluetooth: Does exactly what you want! Loads the phone as soon as you start the car, and can even let you play music wirelessly through pandora.

Affordable: One reviewer suggests that this unit did a decent job of replacing his pioneer avic z1.  A product that is ten times the expense of the Pyle PLDN74BTI.  Notice the word that was used was, decent, meaning that this product comes with a lot of features only other more expensive vehicle DVD players come with, but is not a true replacement for these superior products.

Here is a quick video demo by kdub3773:

Problems with this vehicle video voyeur system:

Viewing Probs: Tinted windows will be a must on a bright day.  The video clarity is good, but even with the brightness at one hundred percent, you are going to have trouble clearly viewing the screen.

Affordable and it looks that way: many reviewers have suggested that the display does not look the greatest, or even suggest it looks cheap.  Most of the display is just screen though, so it won’t look that bad once it is playing something.

Sound: the sound control does not seem to have a massive range, but for the price you should not expect too much.

No Batteries Included:

Be sure to pick up a installation kit and harness.  If you are looking for a backup camera, as mentioned in the introduction, we recommend the boyo license plate backup camera:Car Video SystemCar Video System

Boyo license plate backup camera

Boss KIT-2 Complete 8 Gauge Amplifier Installation KitCar Video System

Car video installation dash kitCar Video System

The Final word:

Overall the Pyle car video system would be great as a backup camera monitor, and gets the job done because of its bluetooth technology, Am/Fm tuner, ability to play DVD’s, mp3’s and a lot more.  This is not the greatest piece of car tech on the market, but for the price, it is a great little car video system. Find the monitor for an even more affordable price on AmazonCar Video System

Author: Murray Fisher

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We suggest the boyo backup camera to go with your Pyle video system.

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