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Are you in need of an affordable car LCD monitor? Well, you have come to the right place! Backup Camera HQ has a full review of the 3.5” TFT LCD Monitor by Kingsmart, so don’t miss out…

Check this screen out in a flash:

The Good – This car LCD monitor does exactly what you want. Giving a clear color picture , in a compact display which is easy to situate in your car. These are both great points, but the main reason your going to buy this display is because of its low cost. Combined with an affordable backup camera the entire package could cost less than $40.

The Bad – Grandpa was right…you get what you pay for. As you would expect this monitor is not made of the highest quality products, so you need to make sure it is properly installed to prevent breakage. And unfortunately, installation is not the most straight forward process.

And the Final Word – This installation of this product is the biggest problem, which can be easily mitigated by purchasing a power adapter. Otherwise this is an affordable and top selling car LCD monitor, which should work well with any backup camera. Find out the current pricecar lcd monitor…or read on for the complete review.

Customer Experience:

One customer report that really sticks out from the rest, comes from a lady who purchased the Kingsmart car LCD monitor for her husband.  She reports that the camera and display she purchased for less than $40 were of great help to her husband when hooking up trailers, or backing up his F-250 in general.  In fact she was so thrilled with the experience, she went and purchased one for herself.  Hard to believe? You can see the full report herecar lcd monitor, but do not miss out on the rest of our detailed report.

Product Positives:

car lcd monitorcar lcd monitor
Small and Light Weight: The compactness of this nice monitor makes it possible for users to install in any type of car as it fits well on the majority of dashboard variations.

Clear Screen: This color monitor offers a great level of clarity when considering the price. Unlike other LCD screens, users will have very little to complain about, whether using the monitor during the day or at night. The screen’s anti-glare feature ensures that the screen remains clear and produces high-resolution images. This is very important when driving in reverse on a bright sunny day, or at night when backing up towards a bright street light. You can also adjust the screen’s resolution, color, and contrast. Lastly, if your the type that needs things crystal clear, then you can always invest in a co-ax cable, which will make your signal even better!

Affordable: If you are on a budget and looking for a monitor to combine with a cheap backup camera then this vehicle monitor is for you! For just about $70 dollars, you can purchase a highly functional monitor, and the boyo backup camera. See the full camera review here. This sounds like a great deal, but what’s the catch?

Product Problems:

Fragile: As you would expect with an affordable car monitor the mounting system is not the most durable, and so you need to make sure it is secure on your dash.

No reverse image: This unit can not actually reverse the image from a backup camera, but this is not a huge issue because most wired or wireless backup cameras on the market will automatically reverse the image for your car screen.  So, just be sure to combine this little car LCD monitor with the proper backup camera!

Installation Trouble shooting: You need to have basic knowledge of wiring electronics in order to install this monitor correctly. Typically, installation will take one to three hours, closer to one hour if you have the experience. If you get in over your head you can always get a professional to help. Most car audio shops should be able to install this car screen and a backup camera in about an lcd monitorcar lcd monitor

If you are not a Bob the builder type, then you may want to consider picking up the DC car adapter from Audiovox. This will make getting power to your video screen easy as pie, and you will not need to hardwire your monitor into something for power.

Another thing the LCD display does not feature are built-in speakers, so you might want to pick some up depending on how your going to use it. Some backup cameras do actually come with a microphone, so speakers could come in handy. However if your buying this car video screen then your probably trying to keep things cheap, so I would forgo the speakers.


Going to need a Backup Camera to go with that car monitor…

As already mentioned the boyo backup camera is an excellent choice to combine with this affordable automobile monitor. You can get the full boyo review by clicking herecar lcd monitor, or find both products on Amazon here. Unfortunately, it’s often difficult to find a comparable price locally, but it is always a good idea to support your local economy.
car lcd monitor


This color display is no touch screen DVD player, but it is a reliable screen which with the right addition can be easy to install. It works well with many backup cameras, and helps you make your vehicle safer with a simple $40 investment. Many customers have been happy with the combination of the Koolertron license plate backup camera and the Kingsmart car LCD monitor. Please consider sharing this review on facebook or twitter if you found it helpful.  And lastly make the affordable investment in improved safety for your vehicle and family today. Get the details here…car lcd monitor

Author: Murray Fisher

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