Car Backup Camera – Is the Koolertron Worth it?

Welcome, we are reviewing the Koolertron car backup camera today! Although we specialize in reviewing wireless backup cameras, and the Koolertron is a wired product, we simply could not go without reviewing it! The Koolertron is such a popular product, but why is it so popular? The low price!  But does this low price mean low quality? Read on to find out…

The Koolertron Thirty Second Review:

The Good: This is a truck or car backup camera with decent night vision, plus is waterproof from the elements, and most importantly can be picked up for only $15 on  This low price also means that it’s not quite so horrible if the camera is stolen.

The Bad: Installation can be tricky in general, and the cheap wiring the camera comes with does not help.  Also reviewers have suggested that the picture is not the greatest, and that the camera is not completely waterproof or may be impacted by a cold climate.

The Bottom Line: At $15 this car backup camera has serious bang for its buck. Despite the list of negative aspects to the product there are ways to mitigate many of these.  So, seriously take into consideration the problems with the camera, and if you believe you have the time and want to put in the effort to overcome them, then this is the right backup camera for youCar Backup Camera.  If you are looking for something higher in quality to checkout the boyo backup camera.

The Koolertron Rearview Car Camera – Customer Experience

But why do you need a backup camera anyway?  One Amazon reviewer suggests that his Saturn ION has a five foot blind spot, and so thisCar Backup CameraCar Backup Camera
car backup camera is a great fit.  He mentions that he is a pizza delivery guy, so is constantly pulling in and out of strangers driveways, and so this camera has been an invaluable tool.  Now maybe you’re not a pizza delivery guys, but everyone finds themselves backing out of unfamiliar places now and then, and this Koolertron rearview car camera is going to ensure you and your family are safe.

Product Pros:

Waterproof Camera : One customer reports completely forgetting about his new camera while washing his truck, and so completely drenching it.  However the camera was fine even after it rained the next day. Although some folks have also complained about how the product is not waterproof the vast majority say it works fine.

I suppose the camera is mass produced like those cheap waterproof watches you get when you’re young, and like those watches, sometimes the waterproofing works and sometimes it does not.  The best thing to do is to do your best to seal the seams of the camera silicone just to be sure.

Night Vision: The infrared can get washed out but overall performs well.  The combination of the vehicles backup lights and the infrared night vision allow for a clear view.  Just be sure to move slowly as the camera takes a bit of time to adjust to bright street lights.

Cheap Backup Camera  – There is not a lot you can buy now a days for $15 that can help protect your automobile and your family, but this car backup camera can do just that.  Additionally if stolen this camera is not as big a loss as some of its competitors, and if you get the right model, by all reports it works just as well as its competitors. Sound like the perfect product to purchase from Amazon?Car Backup Camera Well, you should continue to read on, and find out how to limit the products problems…

Koolertron Kons:

Not Picture Perfect Camera: The picture the camera produces is not the highest of quality, but this can be improved by using a noise filter.  A filter makes this model compare well with other more expensive truck or car backup cameras.

Installation No Breeze: If you are not the Bob the buidier type then this camera may not be for you.  A basic understanding of wiring and joining electrial circuits is a must for installing this camera.  Alternatively, you could invest a bit more money in a full backup camera system.  These full backup camera systems often have full youtube videos to help with installation.  But if you have any experience, or know someone that does, installation should not be a problem.

One Youtuber who has put together a serious car backup camera installation review video suggests that if you cannot get it to work yourself, then you can always take it into a car audio shop, and have them install it.  It should only take them an hour to get it up and working.  Remember a backup camera for your car or truck  is going to protect the investment in your car, and even more importantly your family, so your hard work will pay off in the long run.

Wicked Cheap Camera Wires: This is a complaint that folks have had.  It makes stripping the wires difficult, and so you may need to use a box cutter or thin knife to strip the actual wire.

Clearly See Your Car Backing Up:

Most folks attracted to this cheaper  license plate backup camera will also be interested in the 3.5’’ TFT LCD car screen also sold on Amazon.  They make a great combination for under $50 dollars. Others have suggested the camera works perfect with the pioneer DVD player, which is a bit pricey, but comes with a backup camera input.

Installation Tip:

It is important to always check out your camera before wiring your vehicle.  You do not want to spend an hour installing this only to find out that your camera is a faulty product. In addition to your camera you may need to pickup a monitor and silicone to seal the camera, which will help with the possible waterproofing problem.

Koolertron Backup Camera License Plate CMOS CameraCar Backup Camera

3.5 Inch Car TFT LCD MonitorCar Backup Camera

Permatex Black Silicone – 3 OunceCar Backup Camera

The final word:

Night vision, waterproof, and affordability are all important features which make the Koolertron license plate car backup camera a good option.  But like grandpa says, you get what you pay for, so be sure to review the cons and have an action plan on how to mitigate  possible problems which come up with mass produced cameras like this one. If this rearview camera review has helped you please consider sharing it on facebook or twitter, and finally we recommend you purchase the Koolertron car backup camera on, the most reliable online storeCar Backup Camera.

Author: Murray Fisher

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