Boyo Backup Camera VTL422C – Don’t pass it by!

Today at Backup Camera HQ we take a look at the boyo backup camera model number VTL422C.  This wired camera has has gotten great reviews all over the web.  If you are looking for a product that is both high quality, and affordable then this is the product for you!  Read on to get all the details…

Why the Boyo is Better?

  • It was a metal finish, where most other rear view cameras are only plastic.
  • Wide angle view of one hundred and fifty degrees
  • Waterproofing that actual works!
  • Higher resolution than many competitors
  • Anti scratch coating rarely seen on the competition

Boyo Backup Camera Overview:

The good: As mentioned above the it has a metal finish, one hundred and fifty degree view, high resolution, anti-scratch, but the two things that really separate it from competitors are: its affordability and excellent waterproofing.
The bad: It can be hard to judge distances with the camera, and its night-vision is not the best, thanks to the lack of LED’s, but your backup lights should help with this depending of the vehicle.
The bottom line: If your budget is under seventy five dollars, then this the camera for you. Please still read the review, and our other reviews, but simply put the boyo VTL422C License plate camera is an excellent buy.Boyo Backup Camera

Product Positives:

boyo backup cameraBoyo Backup Camera
Wicked wide angle: one thing that reviewers bring up over and over is the excellent wide angle view you get with this camera.  The more you can see the safer you, your vehicle, and your family will be, so this one hundred and fifty degree viewing angle should not be underappreciated. The audiovox backup camera, which has a similar price, only comes with a one hundred and thirty degree viewing angle, for example.

Absolutely affordable: you can find a much cheaper backup camera in the Koolertron license plate rearview camera, but this fifteen dollar backup camera is just not going to last as long as you would want it to.  Unlike the Koolertron the boyo rear view cameraBoyo Backup Camera has much more reliable waterproofing, which is why it is one of our top picks.

Wonderful Waterproofing: a serious complaint with many popular backup cameras is the lack of proper waterproofing.  But luckily there have been no complaints about this cameras lack of waterproofing, making it one of the few rear view cameras under one hundred dollars which actually stands up to the elements and the car wash.

Crystal clarity: something else which is mentioned again and again throughout the boyo backup camera reviews is the excellent clear picture you get with the product.  Just a reminder though, the road can be a dirty place, so be sure to clean the camera, from time to time, to ensure you maintain the crystal clarity.  The video below is not the greatest of quality, but it does give you a decent idea what you can expect:

Positives Summarized:

  • Excellent wide angle viewing
  • Under one hundred dollars
  • Reliable waterproofing
  • Quality clear picture

Challenges of the Boyo rear view Camera

Hard to judge distances: The wide angle viewing of the camera, unfortunately, comes with the downside that it can be difficult to judge distances.  If you need to have the ability to judge exact distances behind your SUV or truck you will need to an invest in a high quality camera, which means much more costly purchase.

Installation: As with most wired and wireless backup cameras you need some know how to make sure you have a proper installation.  If you are going to install it yourself, you want to purchase a camera like the boyo rear view cameraBoyo Backup Camera because it comes with decent instructions, unlike most cheaper cameras you will find.  The Boyo VTL422C is a wired camera, so you will need to take the extra steps of wiring through your car to the monitor at your dash.

Night Vision Precision: this camera is reported to have excellent night vision on most vehicles, but if your license plate has a light it can wash out the cameras vision.  In addition the camera does not actually have LED’s so when backing up, ironically, you may want to keep your lights off, and just have the running lights on, but it will depend on the vehicle you have.

Not a flawless finish: One thing which sets the boyo apart from other cheaper all plastic models is its zinc metal finish.  However, do not expect the finish of the Boyo backup camera to stand up to the harsh winter climates of some northern states or countries.


  • Does not give a clear depth perception
  • Installation needs basic wiring knowledge
  • Night Vision is good, but could be better
  • The elegant finish does not stand up to winter

You’ll be needing a monitor with that!

The Car LCD monitor, listed below, is an excellent affordable monitor, and you can always purchase some silicone for extra boyo backup cameraBoyo Backup Camera

3.5 Inch TFT LCD Monitor for Car / AutomobileBoyo Backup Camera
Permatex Black Silicone – 3 OunceBoyo Backup Camera

The Final Word:

Boyo VTL422C License plate camera is a solid investment. The stylish zinc finish, and wide screen view are really nice additions, but ultimately the waterproofing and affordability of the camera are what make it stand out from other similar models.  And while this is not the perfect product, the lack of LED lights and poor depth deception are problems which are manageable, or share with other products at this price point.  You can find more boyo backup camera reviews hereBoyo Backup Camera, or find it at an affordable price here.Boyo Backup Camera

Author: Morris Fisher


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