Bluetooth Backup Camera Systems Overview

The point of this article is to give you an overview of the different bluetooth rearview camera models on the market. Below are links to reviews we have written, and further down will be a mini review for each of these products.  If you are still not convinced that a bluetooth camera is for you then our final section gives you an overview of what to expect from the product, and what to look for when shopping.

Below is a list of our reviews of the top rated backup camera systems with bluetooth:

Bluetooth Navigation System With Backup Camera <- Our top pick

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Bluetooth Backup Camera Systems Mini Reviews:

Bluetooth in car DVD system:  The most expensive of the three options listed, this system will do the most for you.  We recommend purchasing the boyo backup camera to go with the DVD stereo system.  If smart phone integration is a must, this is the product for you.  It will automatically sink with your phone, allow you to display your phones GPS system through much larger in dash display, and you can excess and stream any of the media on your phone as well.  Discover the Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD system here.

Pyle’s Bluetooth Rearview Mirror:  This an a very affordable backup camera with bluetooth capabilities, but affordable can also mean cheap.  In this case Pyle’s Product is about your only option for under a hundred dollars, but to keep this product affordable they had to cut some corners.  Get the full review here.

Bluetooth backup camera with GPS by 4UCAM: If you are someone who does not need to have your smart phone connected to your GPS system, or backup camera monitor the this could be the model for you.  Perhaps your phone already integrates well with your stereo?  This rearview camera system model includes a 4.3″ monitor. an SD card, all the wiring you need for installation, a window mount, and of course the aforementioned GPS and bluetooth.  Get the full review.

4UCAM 7″: The big brother to the 4.3″ monitor version, this larger monitor comes with all the other great features, but also makes playing movies or video games much more viable on the larger screen.  Another great bluetooth option to get you answering the phone hands free.  Explore the product further here.

Final Pick? – Our top pick is a tie between the 4UCAM’s system and Pioneers DVD system.  Smartphones are the way of the future, and the Pioneer system, though expensive, lets you capitalize on the power of your phone, and just does far more then the other options.  If you can save the cash, it will be worth it.  The 4UCAM is also in excellent choice which has similar abilities to the Pioneer.

Bluetooth Backup Camera – Why?

bluetooth backup cameraAn important part of being an alert, responsible driver is remaining aware of the vehicle’s surroundings at all times. Usually, this is limited to the areas revealed by the windows, which in many modern designs are smaller than previous models provided, with mirrors to make visibility both easier and more complete. Even the best driver is limited by these constraints, and more can hide in the blind spots they create than most people would initially think.

Every model of vehicle has its own range of visibility, but an individual test takes little time and effort. Simply find a few objects that are the size of a small child, a toddler, and a cat or other small animal. Arrange these items at roughly measured intervals behind your parked vehicle, and get in the driver’s seat. Many drivers might well be surprised by just how little can be seen without pulling forward several yards. When reversing, there is a real danger of small children or animals wandering across that invisible zone and sustaining minor injuries at best.

Simple and Effective Upgrade

Basic bluetooth backup camera packages tend to cost between a hundred to a thousand dollars, depending on the extras included with the camera and monitor, and on the quality of the display. For users who are not overly picky when it comes to appearance, installation is typically quick and easy. Some monitors are held in place with suction cups, others with glue or screws for a more secure attachment. One popular model places the display at the end of a Bluetooth equipped rearview mirror.

The bluetooth backup camera models themselves are also varied in placement. One of the easiest makes use of the top bolts that secure the license plate for a secure and convenient fit. Others can be installed on bumpers or by license plates using anything from secure tape to bolts in drilled holes. While most backup cameras can be used wirelessly, calling them wireless is a bit of a misnomer. A transmitter sends the image to the display with or without wires, but the camera still has to be connected to the reverse lights for power. In some vehicles, this is a painless process; others might require a bit more work and breaking out the owner’s manual.

Bluetooth Backup Camera – Shoppingbluetooth backup camera

When comparing different bluetooth backup camera packages that bundle a license plate camera with Bluetooth and other features, there are a few pertinent tips to make the best choice:

* Choose a package with a color display for better image quality.
* Find a system that adjusts for night viewing as well as well-lit conditions.
* Make sure the display is large enough for safety, but not distracting in size.
* Check how both display and camera are mounted and ensure they work for the intended vehicle.
* If it will be used in typically humid conditions, look for a weather proof camera.

Be sure to checkout our sites other articles listed on the left and top of the page. Two dangerous parts of operating a vehicle are maneuvering in small spaces and driving while fumbling with a cell phone. Damage to small children and animals, or to the vehicle itself if a low-lying obstruction has been overlooked, is all too easy when limited by a car’s rear window and mirrors. A Bluetooth backup camera solves both of these problems in one valuable upgrade for any vehicle.

Author: Murray Fisher

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