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Even if you are an experienced driver, a rear view camera will help you out, and so we have created this article to help you find the best wireless backup camera for you. Although this device is termed to be wireless, most do need a power source from your car, so do not run on batteries. However, it is much easier to install than the wired model. This device has two main units, one which is the LCD monitor that mounts on the dashboard, and two the camera that is attached to your license plate. The wireless part of the connection between the camera and the monitor, but the camera has to be wired to the circuitry of your reverse lights, so that it starts operating when you put your vehicle in reverse.

Below is a list of the best wireless backup cameras we have reviewed (read more below the list for general backup camera information):

Best Bluetooth Navigation System With Backup Camera: This 4UCAM product has a 7″ monitor, Bluetooth for hands free calling, GPS system, SD card to load music and movies, FM turner to play everything through your stereo, and Lithium batteries which hold a three hour charge.

Truck Backup Camera – The Best Option For Trailer Hitch: The easiest of the cameras to install, it uses a magnet to attach to your trailer hitch, and is powered by batteries.  This means no wiring the rear vision camera into your backup lights.  Waterproof to point that it is submersible, great vision and display.

Peak Wireless Backup Camera System: A full system at the most affordable price.  You get a camera, monitor, and all the wiring you need.  The installation can be a challenge if you do not have the technical know how, but you there are many how to videos on Youtube to help you.

Boyo Backup Camera VTL422C (Wired Option) Goes excellently with the Pioneer in Car DVD System: This is the most expensive option, but is the only way to go if you have a smart phone, and want to use its full potential.  The Boyo is a top rated wired backup camera, but the Pioneer DVD system is the selling point.  It allows you to stream all the midea from your mini-computer, otherwise know as a smartphone.  It also allows you to use the GPS system on your smartphone, and much more checkout the full review here.

Reasons for Purchasing the Best Wireless Backup Camera

Best Wireless Backup CameraAvoiding Deadly Accidents: The side view and rear view mirrors of your vehicle are usually insufficient to give you a clear picture of what is happening at the rear. Especially if you have a larger vehicle like a SUV or van, there will be many blind spots, and you may not see a small child playing near your rear bumper.
Easier to Park and Backup: However skilled you are, blind spots can mess with your judgments, and you need to avoid the curb while parking. A backup system will leave out all the guesswork and you can park without any hassles. The same goes, when you are backing up, and are unable to see another vehicle or person that has come into your blind spot. This reason is even more applicable if you have a huge vehicle like a truck or RV.
Avoiding Escalation in Insurance Costs: Certain insurance providers consider backup cameras to be safety devices, and reduce premiums when they are installed. Even if your insurance company does not consider this, you will be avoiding accidents, which could cost you a lot in the long term.

Easy Installation

Most of the best wireless backup cameras are quite easy to install, if you know the basics of wiring in your vehicle. The camera kit will have all the essential parts required for the installation, and you will only need pliers, screwdriver, and maybe a drill. The camera assembly has to be installed on your license plate, and the power source should be the wires supplying power to your backup lights. This means the camera will only transmit when you employ your backup lights. If you have a problem with the installation for your particular vehicle, there are many resources on the Web to help you out. The monitor can be installed on the dashboard, sun visor, or windshield, as per your convenience. Make sure the monitor does not obstruct your main view while driving.

Best Wireless Backup Camera – Selecting a Model

You will find various models which claim they are the best wireless backup camera, but they all have a variety of features. First, consider the size of the monitor screen you will require, as the sizes rangeBest Wireless Backup Camera from 2.5 to 10 inches. Select a model that is appropriate for your vehicle’s size. Go for a slightly larger monitor as it is possible to hook up your DVD player and GPS system, so that you get the maximum use out of it. Next consider the features of the camera, and you need one with either a CCD or CMOS sensor having a wide-angle view. Features like night vision, and reverse image are also good to have for night driving and will be a feature of the best wireless backup camera you can find.

Be sure to checkout our sites other articles on finding the best wireless backup camera for you.  They are listed on the left and top of the page. There are other models as well with wider monitors, which are more suitable for large vehicles like RVs and trucks. However, the choice of best wireless backup camera model will depend on the clarity of the image, the wide angle of the camera lens and the absences of interference.

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