Top 3 Affordable Wireless Backup Camera System Reviews

The purpose of this page, as the title suggests, is to outline our affordable wireless backup camera system reviews found here on Backup Camera HQ.  We have three detailed reviews which will help you explore your options, and discover the best camera for your needs. We list both the positive aspects as well as the negative parts of each product, so you get a good idea of what you can expect from the product.

Each of these three affordable choices are less than a hundred dollars on

Are these Backup Camera System reviews for you?

These cameras are for you, if you want a backup camera system which is the following:

  • Affordable: as mentioned above each of these cameras can be bought for under one hundred dollars on
  • Easy Installation: Each of these cameras are older models, which seems like a problem at first, but if you are doing your own installation then this is a great thing! Why?  Each of these cameras has been around long enough that they have detailed youtube videos showing how to install them.  This makes your life easier in the long run, especially if you are not a Bob the builder type.
  • The full system: Each of these cameras come with a monitor and camera.  You will find much more affordable backup cameras on the market, like the Koolertron backup camera, but they do not include a monitor, and are usually wired meaning you need to run a cable from the back of your vehicle to the front.
    backup camera system reviews

Reasons for finding other camera Reviews:

  • Latest and Greatest: As already mentioned these cameras are not the newest on the market, so if you want the latest and greatest then may want to look at our other reviews.
  • Installation: You need to have a basic knowledge of wiring to install these cameras, if you are not into wiring you may want to check out this completely wireless backup camera here.

Lightning fast Wireless Backup Camera System Reviews:

The Peak wireless backup camera system: Installation of the rearview camera is fairly straightforward, but some basic understanding or wiring will be required.  The great thing is the camera comes with everything you need, with the exception of  silicone sealer, which will help tackle this systems only major problem, poor water proofing. This is not the perfect product but it will help make your family safer at an affordable cost.

The VR3 wireless backup camera system: Another affordable option, but like some other backup camera systems this camera can be useless if you have other bluetooth products in use.  Be sure you can turn off all other bluetooth devices such as any headsets, or cell phone to car connections.

The Pyle wireless backup camera system: This camera has solid water proofing, and a similar installation process to the other systems mentioned. However, many reviewers suggest that many of the models have night vision problems, or worse yet, the product simply does not work.  If you enjoy the Pyle brand then you may want to consider the wired version.

Final Pick? – The Peak wireless backup camera system is our best overall in this category, but please checkout the our review before you make your final decision.  It should help you come the short comings of this very affordable product…

The final Bit:

Affordable choices, like these backup cameras, can help you keep money in the bank for that rainy day, however; they also have a better chance of having some sort of problem, which may cost you more time.  Time being your most precious of all resources, you may want to consider up grading to a more expensive backup camera.  Please have a good read through our many wireless backup camera system reviews, and make the choice which is right for you.

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