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Welcome to Wireless Backup Camera HQ, were we go through the many wired and wireless backup camera reviews on the web, and bring the information to you all in one place.  And although we don’t have reviews for all the backup cameras on the market, we have reviewed most of the best selling and highest rated cameras.  This way you can be confident that any backup camera you choose from our site will be a good purchase. And helping you make a great purchase is our main goal here at Wireless Backup Camera HQ, so view the Backup Camera HQ presentation directly below.  The video will help you decide which camera is for you, and then you can find the corresponding backup camera reviews under the video. Also, if you are looking for more than just backup camera reviews read further for installation tips and a general buying guide.

Backup Camera HQ Presentation:

Here are our most popular wireless backup camera models today:

  • Swift Hitch SH01 wireless camera – this is a versatile wireless camera, designed to help you hitch a trailer, but could be used for much more.
  • Iball Trailer Hitch backup Camera – this truck or SUV backup camera is the easiest to install on the market.  Simply plug the monitor into your cars power outlet, and place the magnetic camera on your trailer hitch.
  • The Peak Backup Camera System – This affordable wireless camera system comes with monitor and camera. It is the wireless camera we recommend for mini vans and cars, explore the system in our review.
  • 4UCAM Bluetooth Camera System – Want more from your wireless camera?  This wireless camera has bluetooth, GPS, and the ability to play music and movies. Discover more then just a backup camera in our review.rear view camera reviews

Here is a list of our top selling and most popular wired rear view camera Reviews today:

  • RearView Safety’s Camera for RV – This two camera system, this is a top rated RV backup camera, which is heavy duty and built to last.  Get all the details in our full review or the single camera and two camera systems.
  • Pyle’s Mirror Backup Camera – Pyle’s affordable RV and Truck Backup Camera is both a quality product and comes with a cheaper price.  With a large 7″ display which is also a rear view mirror this camera is worthy of consideration.
  • The Boyo Backup Camera – The perfect mix of affordability and quality. Works great with in car DVD or video systems, and can be used in any vehicle.  please take a look at our review.
  • The Koolertron Camera – Not the greatest quality, but the cheapest camera on the market.  We help you overcome it’s problems in our review, and point out why this cheap camera maybe the perfect first backup camera for you. dreamstimesmall_2813287.jpg

Purchasing a Backup Camera – General Considerations

Amateur drivers are not the only ones who worry when backing their vehicles in or out of a driveway; people who drive vans, trucks, RV’s, and SUV’s have many reasons to worry because the vehicle’s field of view is not always sufficient in alerting the driver of everything behind the vehicle. Installing a backup camera is the only way to provide the driver with a perfect view and assure safety of both the vehicle and the people or items in the area.

In order to have a perfect functioning wireless backup camera, the following has to be considered when reading our backup camera reviews:

  • Wired or wireless: Wired cameras take more time to setup, but have less possible problems in the long run.
  • The size of the screen: Some of the screens are as small as 2.5 inches, which may not be very practical. A bigger screen ensures more clarity.
  • Field of view: Some cameras have 100 degrees field of view and some have more. Using a smaller view leaves out a large area unmonitored.
  • Dashboard: if a vehicle has a small dashboard, then the size of the screen used has to be small. This is a small factor but it may affect the quality of the rearview or backup security system.
  • Security: there have been cases of backup camera theft once the systems became popular, so to ensure that the camera stays safe, some installation processes position the camera in such a way that it remains hidden, or include security bolts.
  • Options: Do you want your camera system to simply be a backup camera system or more.  Some systems include GPS, music, and movies. Like this one here.

A Popular Model

Reading wireless backup camera reviews are a great way to which of the many models are best for you.  These two models are great for small to medium sized vehicles.  If you are looking for a RV backup camera then you’ll want to check here for other reviews.


Product specifications;backup camera reviews

  • Comes with a 2.4 Ghz wireless transmitter
  • Easy to install weatherproof camera; usually mounted on license plate
  • Default monitor is 3.5 inch but it can be switched with a bigger one
  • Standby mode
  • Installation is done within a few minutes
  • Compatible with all vehicles and towing boats.

With this particular backup camera, you will never have to worry about blind spots; so no longer worrying about running over bicycles, cars, children or anything else behind the vehicle. The transmitter sends the feed to the screen on the dashboard, and with a 110-degree field of view, you hardly have to worry about missing anything.  This model can retail for up to $200 but can be found online for a third of that price. Find the full review here.

Another concern you may have about backup cameras, besides just the price, is just how easy they are to install in your particular vehicle  .  There are some, like this one here, that are very easy to install and others are more challenging, but also arguably more secure.  Here is an example of the average backup camera installation.  Keep in mind there are a variety of models on the market and this is only one example:


Final Comment:

Wireless backup camera reviews online suggest that the majority of users appreciate that this model which is fairly easy to install, is weatherproof, and is wireless will endure the elements. Installing either of these models on the license plate ensures their safety and a better viewing angle. To better understand license plate backup cameras click here for an overview.

Different models of the camera offer a dust proof view, but the prices may vary depending on the features so be sure to get all the information you can before making a purchase.

Looking at the merits of having a wireless backup camera, almost everyone needs to install one on their vehicle; at least for the car’s safety, and if you live or work in a crowded area, then you definitely need one.  Thank you for reading our wireless backup camera reviews today, please feel free to checkout the rest of our site using the navigation bar at the top of the page, and if you found this information useful please share it on Facebook or Twitter.

Author: Murray Fisher

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