Discover the Best Backup Camera Monitor for you! An Overview

Welcome to the Backup Camera HQ, where today we will be helping you select the best backup camera monitor for you! The purpose of this article is to direct you to one of our monitor reviews.  Each of the products make for great backup camera monitors, but some give you the basics and others are DVD players which are bluetooth enabled.  We recommend that you combine these products with the Boyo backup camera.

If your are eager to get to the reviews, we have them listed below, but you will have a better idea which one your are interested in if you read on below the links:

Kingsway’s Car LCD Monitor

Pyle’s Car Video System

Pioneer’s In Car DVD System

What you need to Know about Backup Camera Monitors:

The simple and affordable: The cheapest of rearview camera monitors allow you to plug your wired backup camera into them and give you a nice clear video.

Advanced backup camera monitors: The more expensive monitors you can get for your backup camera are actually know as video systems or DVD systems.  They can usually connect to your phone via bluetooth for hands free calling, play DVD movies, and physically connect to your phone to display GPS and/ or play music.

So, if you already have the smartphone, and can wait to save the cash, you should really invest in a DVD system for your car.  Unfortunately these can be expensive, ranging around $200 to $500 dollars or even way beyond.  Where the simply cheap monitors will only run you around $20 or so.

Which backup camera monitor is for you? Read on below

Pyle PLDN74BTI: The video system is much more than just a monitor.  A beautiful 7” display with touch screen, it plays MP3’s, DVD’s, CD’s, has an A/V output and input, Am/FM tuner, Bluetooth and smartphone connection.  This video system makes for a great backup camera monitor, but will run you ten times the cost of a basic monitor, two hurdred dollars or so.  See our full review here.

Pioneer ADH-4300DVD: This DVD system has an excellent touch screen, user friendly menus, DVD and SD card reader, and can be setup with backup camera, GPS system, Satellite Radio, and Bluetooth.  Pioneer’s in-dash display is pricey at just under five hundred dollars, but allows you to put your smartphone to good use on the road, enabling you to make calls, play music, and show your phones GPS.  Check out the great video review here.

Kingsway’s TFT LCD Monitor: This monitor is as basic as it gets!  Plug your wired backup camera in, and you will be able to see a nice clear picture of behind your vehicle.  But you are simply not going to get much more than that.  However, this monitor is super affordable, and if you really just need to be able to see behind your truck or SUV than this is what the doctor ordered.  Increase the safety of your family and your vehicle at an affordable price! See our review here.

The Final Word: which one?

Which backup camera monitor to choose is really up to you.  If you want all the bells and whistles then the Pioneer ADH-4300DVD is for you, but if you are just looking for the basics the Kingsway monitor is not a bad option.  If you fall somewhere in the middle then the Pyle monitor is best.  You can find our backup camera monitor reviews linked above, happy shopping!  And do not forget, we recommend the boyo wired backup camera to go with any of these monitors.

Author: Murray Fisher

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