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Today we are reviewing the Pyle PLCM7300BT backup camera mirror.  If you are new to backup cameras you may be surprised to discover that there are a variety of ways to incorporate Bluetooth with your backup camera system.  It can be done via a backup camera mirror display, a GPS navigation system, or via an advanced stereo system.  The Pyle PLCM7300BT is the most affordable of the three options.  It is a clip on rearview mirror, which allows you to view your backup camera, and receive calls via bluetooth.

Product Specifics:

    • backup camera mirror displayBuild in Bluetooth with one touch activation
    • Seven inch TFT wide screen rearview mirror/monitor
    • Wired backup camera means no wireless interference
    • License Plate Camera has Night Vision
    • Multiple video inputs allow you to connect to DVD player or ipod
    • Anti-glare rearview mirror

The Short Version:

The Good: Easy to see monitor because it is located on the mirror, not down in your dash.  Also because the monitor is higher up it makes it easier to use your peripheral vision well backing up.  Above all, this is an affordable backup camera which includes the bluetooth function!

The Bad: You will need to pick up additional wiring for most installation jobs, the instructions are not great, and the folks calling you may not get the greatest sound because the microphone is located on the back of the mirror. We offer solutions to these problems in our detailed review below.

The Bottom Line: If you can afford to, you should consider purchasing a car DVD system and combining it with the boyo backup camera.  This is a great way to include bluetooth and a whole host of other options, but really the bottom line is that the Pyle PLCM7300BT is the most affordable bluetooth backup camera on the market.  Find it here at a reduced price.backup camera mirror

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Pyle PLCM7300BT Pros:

Large Display Monitor: this TFT backup camera mirror display is seven inches, so this means you not only get a clear image, but also a much easier to see image. Just the fact that it is on your mirror means that the image is closer to your eyes making it seem larger than monitors that would be on your dash. You also get the option of two different ratios on the mirror monitor, standard and wide, but the wider ratio just seems to be stretched, and does not seem to be a real advantage when using the backup camera, but could come in handy if watching a video.

Bluetooth: As mentioned above the bluetooth is a nice bonus with this backup camera mirror, and by all reports it is very straightforward to connect your phone system.

Eyes on road: The backup camera mirror display means that it is far easier to keep your eyes on the road. You will not need to be looking down, at your dash or lower, so it should be easier to use your peripheral vision.

Affordable: One thing that really stands out about this Product is that you get the Bluetooth capabilities. Most similarly priced backup camera systems have a monitor and backup camera, but no Bluetooth at all.

Problems with Pyle’s Product?

Not everything included: One major drawback to a lot of backup cameras, is they do not include everything needed for the installation. This Bluetooth backup camera is no exception. You will most likely need a cable to extend the video or power to the backup camera mirror monitor if you hope to conceal it. Also you will need gauge wire to help lengthen the backup camera wire, which will need to be hooked up to your backup lights.

Horrible instructions: the installation instructions are very basic. For most who are not familiar with backup cameras, installation is not a basic process, so be sure to check the many tutorials on youtube so that you have a good idea what you will need to do. With installation it is always a good idea to reinforce waterproofing with silicone.

Poor sound quality: because the microphone is located on the back of the mirror, people you are talking to may complain about the volume of your voice. Some reviewers have suggested your voice will sound rather far away. This is because your voice will be reflecting of your windshield, before the microphone picks it up.

Not hands free: the biggest problem with this bluetooth mirror display is that there is no way to answer an incoming call while driving. This can be overcome by purchasing a phone mount, but is really a serious oversight which hurts the value of the bluetooth abilities.

Poor replacement: reports have been that the backup camera mirror itself is not the greatest of quality, and if not secured properly can tend to rattle.

The Final Word:

If you are looking for an affordable way to get both bluetooth and a backup camera into your car, then the Pyle PLCM7300BT is one of your only choices on the market. However, if you can afford to purchase a more expensive model we suggest the best bluetooth navigation system is the 7” 4UCam GPS and bluetooth unit.  Additionally, you can also look at getting a car video system like the Pyle PLDN74BTI.  Both of these are great choices, but are much more expensive, so if you are a frugal shopper the Pyle PLCM7300BT bluetooth backup camera mirror display can be found here at a great price.backup camera mirror

Author: Murray Fisher


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