Discover a Great back up camera for Truck and Trailer!

If you are looking to discover a great back up camera for truck and trailer travels then you have come to the right place.  Welcome, we specialize in reviewing wireless back up cameras, but provide even more.  This article is an overview of the top back up camera for truck travels, and will help you made a decision on the best truck backup camera for you!

Below you can see our top three picks for back up cameras for trucks: 

-> Iball wireless backup camera <- our top pick 

-> Swift Hitch Sh01

-> RearView Safety’s Two Camera System

Rear view Backup Cameras for Trucks – Mini Reviews:

1. RearView Saftey’s two camera system is a must for large trucks and RV’s.  With a large 7” display system and the great customer service at RearView Safety this is a great product.  Unfortunately, you pay a decent price for  these great features, and it will take a few man hours to get this unit installed.  Get the full break down and review here.

2. Another back up camera for truck and RV traveling is the Iball wireless backup camera.  This camera is highly portable, similar to the Swift Hitch, and has the easiest installation on the market.  You simply attach the battery powered device to your trailer hitch, and get a great view for any type of backing up.  It does have one limiting con, but we help you overcome it in our review here.

3. Rear view backup cameras for trucks are some of the best rear vision cameras on the market, and the Swift Hitch SH01 is no exception.  This highly portable device can be used for far more than just a backup camera on your truck or RV.  It is a great way to watch cargo or animals during transport.  Checkout our full detailed review of the camera here.

Top Pick?

Well these three cameras are great for trucks and RV’s, but which one of the reviews should you read first?  In our other categories there is almost always a clear run away leader among similar products.  But when is comes to these three products they are all quality.  That isn’t what you want to hear though?  So we recommend you read the Iball wireless backup camera because it is the cheapest out of the three products, and still gets great customer reviews.

Author: Murray Fisher


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