Audiovox Backup Camera System ACA200W – The complete Review!

The Audiovox Backup Camera System ACA200W has been a popular choice for folks looking for an affordable wired backup camera.  Perhaps you already have a car monitor, and would like to add to your families safety? Most likely you would like to test out just how useful a backup camera is before investing in an expensive model? Well you’ve found the right review, and the right site, welcome to Backup Camera HQ.

Key features:

  • Will work with any standard RCA  monitor with video input
  • The ability to select mirror or normal image view
  • A weatherproof product, but we always recommending extra sealing with silicone.
  • A one hundred and thirty degree view

Audiovox backup camera systemAudiovox ACA200W Flash Review:

The Good: The audiovox is an affordable camera that comes with some accessories other cheaper cameras simply don’t have. Installation is standard, and this rearview camera does have a nice 130 degree view.

The Bad: The audiovox backup camera system is not a full system because it does not come with a monitor.  In addition customers have reported that the product has poor waterproofing and rusting problems.

The bottom line: The audiovox ACA200W is a wired backup camera, and for only a few dollars more you could buy yourself a full wireless backup camera system.  Please compare prices reviews and more her on Backup Camera HQ.

The Positives of this affordable car Backup Camera:

Wired the way to go: wireless backup cameras, are easier to install, but wired cameras, like the Audiovox ACA200W are usually cheaper, and don’t have the interference that can come with a wireless model.

Installation: One of the big advantages that the audiovox has over other backup cameras is it’s detailed instructions.  Many other affordable wired backup cameras, such as the Koolertron, don not have much in the way of instructions.  Audiovox also has professional youtube instructional videos, so they give a lot more customer support.Audiovox backup camera systemAudiovox Backup Camera

The audiovox backup camera system, is not truly a full system because it does not come with a monitor, but it does come with the extras you will need for installation.  This combined with the instructions, can really help someone new to car installation.  If you are new to this type of work, and have a new car, just keep in mind that drilling holes or cutting wires can discontinue your warranty.  So you may want to contact your dealership, if installing on a new car.

Wide angle view: Many more affordable backup camera systems do not have a wide angle view, but the Audiovox backup camera system has a nice wide view, which can help you see the full length of your bumper.  Of course if you are driving a larger truck or vehicle, than expect a bit less.  However, even though you will not get the bumper to bumper view on your truck, you will be able to hitch a trailer much more effectively!

Affordable: You can spend a lot of cash on a backup camera system.  Whether you buy one from the dealer, or have it professionally installed.  You do not need to spend five hundred dollars or even three hundred dollars on a backup camera.  The Audiovox backup camera is only fifty eight dollars.

Pros Summary:
– Wired cameras could mean less potential problems at this price point.
– The Audiovox camera comes with bits for installation that other cameras do not come with.
– Wide view, but quality enough to help you hitch your trailer.
– Affordable price, and easy to find online.

Problems with the Audiovox License Plate Camera:

Suspect Waterproofing: As with many other cameras in this cheaper range, the waterproofing is hit or miss on the Audiovox ACA200W.  We suggest you simply purchase some silicone to help add some extra sealer to the camera once installed.

Not Rustproof either: Another problem which has been reported is that the installations nuts and bolts can rust out on you.  This complaint is rare but it has been identified as a problem, so is something you want to think about if you are in moist area.

Anti-theft problem: One of the extras this camera comes with is an anti-theft mount.  Unfortunately, anyone with an allen wrench is going to be able to bypass this security protection, so we suggest that you do not really factor it in when deciding which product is best for you.

No Monitor: Although we have listed this as a backup camera system, as audiovox does, the rearview camera is not really a full system because it does not include a monitor.  This can be a good thing if you already have a monitor, but if not it is something else to purchase.  We have reviewed an excellent car LCD monitor, which would make an excellent match with the Audiovox backup camera.

Cons Summary:

– Suspect waterproofing
– Possible rust problem
– Anti-theft not super effective
– No Monitor included

Not an all inclusive Trip:

Two other products you should purchase with the Audiovox backup camera.

Audiovox Car ACA200W License Plate Camera SystemAudiovox Backup Camera
3.5 Inch TFT LCD Monitor for Car / AutomobileAudiovox Backup Camera
Permatex Black Silicone – 3 OunceAudiovox Backup Camera

Backup Wrap-up:

This affordable camera by audiovox comes with some extra accessories you will not see included in other cheaper backup cameras, but without a monitor this product is not a true backup camera system.  For only a bit more you can purchase a full backup camera system, like the Peak backup camera system. With this product you will have a wireless backup camera and monitor.

Author: Murray Fisher

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