Is Honda Killing the After Market Backup Camera in 2013?

Welcome to Backup Camera HQ where today we kick off our news section by reviewing the death of the after market backup camera.  A bit of exaggeration maybe? Well, with possible laws passing in the short term future which would force manufacturers to install backup cameras in new cars, the death of after market cameras will not happen overnight, but could happen sooner then later.

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Honda has taken bold new steps to incorporate backup cameras in its new cars. USA today suggests that all of the trucks and crossovers Honda is producing will come equipped with a backup camera system.  Sounds great right? But what’s going to be the extra cost? Well in fact the rearview cameras will come standard, so no need for installing that after market backup camera!

Honda suggests that the cameras are what families want.  Families have long wanted the safest vehicle possible, so this makes complete sense, and is another great move on Honda’s part.

The Chicago Tribune has a fine report of the 2012 New York Auto Show.  The good news is they report the last quarter was a good one for the car companies.  With regards to Honda’s new backup camera systems they point out that Honda did include an option to upgrade any of their trucks or crossovers to have a rearview camera, but in 2013, as already suggested, they will be making the cameras standard.  The Tribune commends Honda for their leadership in the industry.

More than just killing the after market backup cameras:

Honda is not stopping at just backup cameras though.  The car connection has an detailed review 0f the new Honda Crosstour 2013, one of the models to get the new standard backup cameras.  The vehicle will also come with a forward collision warning system, and lane departure warning system which both make use of cameras.

Honda using Rear view Mirror or Display Monitor? 

The honda backup cameras have used a display monitor in the past, but with a new expanded rearview mirror, perhaps they will incorporate the backup camera display there.  The video below shows the backup camera in a 2012 Honda CRV.


After Market Backup Camera Lives On!

Despite the fact that Honda is showing great leadership by  including these cameras as standard, the after market backup camera will live a healthy life for many years to come.  The fact that other car manufacturers will not be incorporating a backup camera until perhaps 2014 at the earliest, and also the fact that the majority of people do not buy the latest models means that the death of these after market cameras is coming, but not anytime soon.

If anything the possibility of a law passing which would force car companies to incorporate backup cameras in their vehicles suggests just how important a backup camera can be to your safety.  Remember no one liked the idea of seat belts when they were first introduce, and it took a law to get them incorporated into a car. Further more Honda’s actions suggest this is what consumers want, and most folks are starting to realize backup cameras are an important part of your cars safety.  So please have a look around Backup Camera HQ and find and a camera to help improve the safety of your car and family.  The top products section is a great place to start. Thanks for reading!

Author: Murray Fisher

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